September 2, 2020
Posted By pageperfect

Tikka T3x Intro

It is Jason McCann from the Tikka company. Very excited we have our first T3x. We haven’t even opened the box here. We figured we’d give you guys kind of a sneak peek. See it as we’re unveiling it. We’ll compare it to the T3. You can see what the differences are, and then most importantly, you see if our components will fit on it. So let’s dive into this.

All right, I’m very grateful for Greg for sending this to us. They sent it to us a little early. They’re making this announcement at the NRA show. So, yeah, standard T3 packaging. You know it’s interesting, they don’t have those cheap [00:01:00] scope rings in here. Just the rifle and the bolt. The recoil pad is already noticeably softer and more grabby, the technical term. All right, Greg, are you getting this?


Okay. So definitely change in the stock design. This is the modular grip that we’ve been talking about on the website, doesn’t come with a vertical grip. This is just the sporter grip, but it is interchangeable. So, hopefully, that’s something that maybe Brownells or the dealers will eventually get [00:02:00] for guys who want to retrofit their sporters.

Significant improvement on the top of the action. They no longer have those grooves and those grooves were a pain because they would drill and tap these optic mount balls. Then they put the grooves in there, which would cause little burrs to go on to the threads on top of the action. And you guys have had issues on actually getting these screws cleaned up. They have a couple of extra pinholes they say that’s for making optic mounts more rigid, not an issue with our Picatinny rail as you guys know, and they have an extra mounting screw in the rear here. Again, not sure if that’s going to be necessary with our mount, but, you know, we’ll see. I’m going to grab one of ours fresh off the machine [00:03:00]. Everyone’s been emailing us wondering if these will fit perfectly. Perfect fit. So our mountain tactical optic mounts will fit on the T3x. 

Now another thing they said was they were going to come out with a metallic bolt shroud. I don’t know this is just the same plastic one. Remove it. Oh no, it is metal. It’s the same shape and design as the plastic one, but it is a metal bolt shroud. So significant improvement. It’s steel. Definitely heavier than ours. But still, I mean, having metal there’s a significant improvement. Ours still fits. [00:04:00] So you can still upgrade that. So yet another significant improvement on the rifle. 

Now I want to open this up. They said they put a steel recoil lug in here. Let’s see what they have. 

All right. I don’t know this is going to show up on a camera. Greg, are you able to see that right there? Okay. So it’s definitely a black oxide coated steel. We’ll have to take one of these out, actually [00:05:00] strength test it and see what kind of steel it really is and see, you know, who knows? This is obviously significant improvement over the old extruded aluminum that the T3s had. And so we’ll see, maybe it won’t necessary to upgrade your recoil lug to get top accuracy on this right. So we’ll have to play with this, but a great, great improvement.

Now I’m going to grab a standard T3. We’re going to compare the ejection ports because that was one of the areas that Tikka said they made a huge improvement was enlarging the ejection port to make it easier to hand load rounds into the rifle [00:06:00]. 

Let’s see here. Now that might show up better. So I don’t know, Greg, are you picking that up at all? 


So it’s slightly larger. And where it’s slightly larger is it goes down here a little more than on the standard T3. It doesn’t go any higher, which is good. That keeps rigidity at the top of the action. And then it definitely goes back a little further in the rear here, and it looks like it opens up just slightly more here. So definitely an improvement, [00:07:00] not a massive improvement, but still definitely an improvement over the T3.

So I think time will tell. This is the standard T3. Now typical hollow stock. They said they put some sound deadening material in here and it’s significantly quieter. I have to get it on the scale. They seem to weigh about the same. Recoil pads the same shape. So limb savers should still work on these. That’s a much, much softer pad. Like to get this out to the range now and do a side by side comparison for recoil reduction, or felt recoil reduction on here, but there we go first to look right out of the box. We’re excited what we got [00:08:00] here and I think we need to go shoot.