September 2, 2020
Posted By Jason

Tikka T3 Trigger Adjustment

So you'll find quite a few questions about how to adjust the factory trigger, it's incredibly simple. When you take your stock off, this is what you see. So you have your, actually, this screw right here holds the trigger onto the action. And this black one here, and as you might see a little blue one, that's the Loctite they put on it, is the actual adjustment screw. When you're working on a Tikka, it's good to get a nice set of metric Allen wrenches, so that way you can damage your nuts and bolts on your gun. But this is a 2.5 millimeter Allen screw. In order to increase the weight, I turn it clockwise, and that can increase the trigger pull. To decrease the trigger pull it is turned counterclockwise. Don't worry about overturning this because they actually use this as a stop on the actual trigger adjustments, you cannot back this out as long as it's still in the action too far. So this trigger adjustment two pounds to four pounds as factory settings and simply by loosening this all the way until it touches this screw or putting it all the way in. Either way, very easy adjustment.