September 5, 2020
Posted By Jason

Hey, Jason McCann, Mountain Tactical Company, excited to introduce our Gen2 Bottom Metal. We made some subtle changes based on customer feedback. Thank you for all those who give us feedback on our products so we can make them better. And so let's dive into what we changed. 

All right. So as with most products that we upgrade, it comes from our customer feedback. So thank you very much to the customers who tested our Gen1 bottom metal and gave us the feedback on how we can make it better so we can make the Gen2. And everybody loved the functionality of the bottom metal. It's great; works great. 

The only criticism we got was our trigger guard being a little blocky. And we actually doing quite honestly, there is quite a bit of AICS bottom metal [00:01:00] out for different rifle systems, and they all use this blocky trigger guard. So I figured that's probably what the aftermarket wanted. So we just mimicked that particular shape. 

The feedback we got was for hunting for pistol grip stocks and that sort of thing. This was actually too wide in the rear. So what we did was we tapered this on the Gen2, so it's narrower in the rear than it is in the front. And the other thing, the other benefit of that is it's a more natural reach to the trigger. So, people with shorter fingers had issues getting around the rear of the trigger guard here. The woman in the shop here tested this out, and they said it was much more comfortable. 

Functionality of Tikka T3/T3x Gen2 Bottom Metal

Additionally, we rounded the entire profile here. So we have another video is actually a video was shot [00:02:00] before this one where we were testing our 3D machining, because we had the 3D machine, this contour around the whole trigger guard. And it's going to be a really cool video. I haven't edited it yet. I wanted to get this one out first, but it was when we were testing that part of the program. 

And so, we have a really nice smooth rounded transition around the entire trigger guard and so the blocky Gen1. So functionality is the same on both of them. This one is just simply more comfortable. 

Again, thank you to everybody who gave us feedback. Thank you for just being awesome customers. It's pretty amazing that I get to provide fun stuff to people, and I get to work with such a fun customer base. 

All right. So we have the bottom metal bodies, machines. We're working on the mag catches right now. [00:03:00] So as soon as we're done mentioning the Mag catches, you'll see these on our website. So give us about a week, week-and-a-half or so, and they will be available for order on our website. 

So thanks, everybody. Happy hunting.