September 2, 2020
Posted By Jason

Tikka T3 Bolt Stop Modification

One question we get quite often on our forum is since the Tikka has every action is a long action on the T3, why can't people take a long action magazine to load their 308 and load them out, put some VLD bullets and have plenty of mag space. The limiting factor is this bolt stop. As it's adjusted for the short action calibers, the bolt stop is moved further forward on the inside of here, for long action calibers it's moved back. Now, Beretta imports, it's made by Sako, but they import a kit to the US here at $65, very expensive, very hard to get. That comes with two different bolts stop, both the short action and the long action. It's a very simple conversion, it's also something that's very easy for you to do yourself. So we're going to actually go in and I'm going to show you a bolt stop that I've personally modified here. 
So in order to remove this, you just pull out this pin, make sure you have pressure on the bolt stop because it is spring loaded, take a small plier, pull it out, put the pin in one of your trays, very carefully remove the pressure and the bolt stop. And this little spring is what you want to be careful of. First time I took this part, it hit my garage floor, it took me forever to find it. So I'm going to take this little spring out now, put it in one of my trays. Now, this is a bolt stop that I modified. This is my 270 short mag. I wanted to be able to load VLD bullets in it, it had the stock moved closer to the front and on 223, 308, 243, any of those calibers, the bolt stop stops about right here. And on the newer Tikkas, you actually see a square where it's cut out to this point right here. So I did is I just took a file and went with a course file, took the metal out and then took a real fine file to put a nice mirror finish on it, so it works very smoothly, and then put it back on. To put it back on, again, being very careful, this little spring right here, you don't want to lose it, it's a $65 replacement kit for this bolt stop combo, and not very many of them may come to the US here, so definitely not something you want to lose. So keep some pressure on that, take your pin, put it back in this hole, and it might take a little fidgeting but when you get it just lined up, it drops in just like so, relieve the pressure, you're done, your bolt stop...