September 2, 2020
Posted By Jason

Tikka T3 Bolt Handle and Bolt Shroud Swap

All right, one of our most popular products is the Hinterland Shooting Supplies’ bolt shroud and Tactical Handle. And so you can see here I put the Sako piece of plastic knob on the end of my handle, that's great, it adds a lot of tactile feel, but it's $45, I mean, it's just ridiculous. And then you have to pay shipping on top of that to Beretta here in the US, and for a piece of plastic, you should really get something for your money. So what we're going to do here is show you how easy it is to replace this plastic bolt shroud with a nice aluminum bolt shroud, it's much stronger, and how easy it is to replace the bolt handle here. So what you have here, I'm going to flip this over, and you can see we have, this is a large [00:01:00] detent right here. Do not turn this towards the large detent, you will actually unload the spring and the firing pin. And unless you're Hercules, you're going to have a really tough time pulling, rotating this back around. So what you're going to do is you're just going to take your handle, hold on to it nice and tight, and you're actually going to rotate this away from this large detent, away from the handle, it's going to rotate nice and smooth until it won't rotate anymore, and then this is just going to slide right off. We're then going to take our new one, slide it on here, a little pressure and we're going to slide it back to until you hear the first click. As soon as you hear the first click, don't stop, turn – or don't turn any longer, you get into this deep well here, like I said, you're going to have.

All right, so we're going to show you how easy it is to put this bolt handle on, remove this old handle. These truly are modular guns. Sako did a great job in this design. So we're going to rotate this around, move the shroud [00:02:00] And then we're going to take this Allen wrench, we're going to place it in this little slot right here. What it's going to do is it's going to allow us to rotate this in and not fully depressurize that spring. All right, so we have our Allen wrench in place, we're just going to rotate this around, you hear the first click, we're going to release the pressure on that spring, kind of pop this out, and you might want to take a moment to pull out your firing pin and see how stout this thing is. Be sure never to oil this, Tikka requires that there be no oil in here to function properly. So if you clean it, just make sure that you use a really good degreaser in here. So slide that back in there, take our new bolt handle, and these are very precision machine parts, it might take a little wiggling to get everything lined up correctly, we got it in there. Now, [00:03:00] we have a leverage from our Allen wrench to get this up and over that big hump. We're going to go all the way around, remove the Allen wrench, put our nice aluminum bolt shroud on, come back, and we're done. We have a nice new bolt handle, bolt shroud, much stronger than the original plastic pieces.