September 2, 2020
Posted By Jason

The Best Tikka T3 Scope Mounts Available

Jason McCann here from Tikka Performance Center, very excited to show you the newest thing to come out of our manufacturing division, Mountain Tactical, a made right here in Montana innovation for the Tikka T3 system. We are keeping it local, keeping it here in the US, and we've come up with the most durable mounting system possible for the Tikka T3. 
These are by far the strongest, most durable rail systems available for the Tikka T3 on the market right now. They have two different versions, the performance series and the elite series, and the difference is the performance series is made of aluminum, and what we do is we put a Type III mil-spec hard coat [00:01:00] on this. So instead of a Type II mil-spec coat which is simply just turning it black, Type III actually hardens the aluminum so it's actually harder than steel. And then on the elite rails, we actually see it quite a bit heavier. We use tool steel 4140 and we salt bath nitride these. Now, salt bath nitriding is also called Melonite coating Tenifer coating. It changes the molecular structure of the steel, and you can't even cut this with carbide anymore, I mean, this is just once the treating goes on these things, they're just indestructible. So very excited to have this for the Tikka T3 system. 
Now, one of the things you'll notice is we integrated a recoil lug for the optic mounting system. This is very important. I mean, you have these little screws, these little screws can't take the [inaudible 00:01:59] force of high [00:02:00] recoil. And so, the Tikka T3 has the recess for the [inaudible 00:02:06] lock system, so what we did was we maximized that, put a tool steel lug in there to take that shearing force off the scope mount, giving you a much more durable mounting platform for your optics. 
All right, so here's what comes in the package. You have your rail, and either zero MOA or 20 MOA depending on what you choose, four mounting screws, recoil lug for the mounting system, and a torque wrench to make the installation that much easier. So let's get this on the gun. You can see exactly how it all works. 
All right, we got a nice clean gun here. As always, before you start working on your gun, make sure that it's unloaded. We are just going to pop the bolt right out of this bad boy. The first thing you want to do is you want to take the recoil lug in the package and put it [00:03:00] in [inaudible 00:03:01] lock recess on top of your receiver right here. Make sure you push it down all the way. These are tight specs, so don't be surprised, it takes a little bit of elbow grease to get it in there. And then you have the exact same reciprocal recess at the bottom of the rail. So you put that on, again, takes a little bit of pressure because of the tight fit. You want that tight fit or to make sure you have the most solid mount possible. Perfect. Now, just start putting screws in. [00:04:00] 
Now, if this is the first time you've ever put a rail on your T3 and when you're removing the little plugs for these holes, Tikka puts a Loctite compound on them that's black. And just don't be surprised, it takes a little bit of effort, you got to kind of get that black stuff out of there. Sometimes take a little bit of extra effort to turn the screws with that stuff in there. 
So now if you're utilizing the torque wrench that we put in the package, [inaudible 00:04:55] tighten these down as tight as you can with it. If you [00:05:00] are more anal and precise, as we seem to be more anal over here, to get your handy dandy torque wrench, torque driver, and torque these things down to 25-inch pounds. And there you go, you just maximized your mounting options. You've put the strongest, most durable mount that you could on your rifle system here. So happy shooting. Enjoy these rails, they are flying out of here. Hopefully, they fly into your hands too. [00:06:00]