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Rapid Level

Rapid Level


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The rifle level has evolved.

No longer do you need to waste an hour of your life ensuring your precision rifle shoots level in the field just to lose everything when you bump your level taking your rifle out of the truck.  The rapid level deploys in minutes and is easily repairable in the field. 

The patent pending adjustment system simplifies the entire leveling process allowing you to spend more time shooting and less time setting up your rifle system.

Once the body is mounted close to level on the optic, the leveling arm is easily adjusted and locked into place via three locking mechanisms to ensure zero movement once level.

Unlike many optic levels on the market, the Rapid Level is made in the USA, not overseas.  This is not an after thought by an optic company.  The Rapid Level is a purpose-built component for the precision rifleman.


Material – 6061 Aerospace Grade Aluminum

Finish – Mil-Spec 8625F Hard Anodized

Torque – 15 in/lbs

Warranty – Lifetime

Additional information

Weight 0.09375 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 1 in
Rapid Level

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2 reviews for Rapid Level

  1. Carl Ross

    I recently installed this level on my competition rifle. The install was so simple, I did it in a few minutes on the morning of a match. The intelligently designed adjusment and screw placement made it very quick and straightforward.

    Once mounted, I found it was in a perfect place to see with my left eye while still focusing on the scopes field of view with my right. Great job on a product that previously was a pain for years.

  2. PM (verified owner)

    This is probably a weird review bc it’s about this level (which is actually amazing) and two more expensive levels from a competitor (the standard ones used by most guys in PRS)–but I wish someone had written it before I went shopping, so here goes:

    This level is actually even better than shown in the video. I installed three levels yesterday. Two different models from flatline ops, and this one from mt tactical. Granted I did it at the range–which for this level worked just fine but was nearly impossible with the other models. The easiest way is to hang a plumb bob in your shop, clamp your rifle barrel in soft round jaws in a vice, then level the the vertical crosshair to the plumb bob…then install the level and adjust it until it reads flat.

    But…that was not what I did this time. I did it at the range off shooting bags. And the mt tactical level took maybe ten minutes in that situation. And when I changed my mind…oh it’s not quite level after all–this level was easy to readjust.

    After you get it “sort of” level by clamping the entire unit onto your scope, there is a totally separate system to level it for real and that system gives a good deal of separate adjustment. There is a tension screw which pulls the level down from the top (which works against a small spring–same setup as an adjustable rear sight on a revolver, basically)…and then once the adjustment is set, another set screw comes up from the bottom to lock the adjustment in place.

    It is a very smart system. You can adjust it when you’re tired or in imperfect conditions. And the Allen heads are big and deep enough to not strip them. AND–most importantly–the access to the adjustment screws is not obscured by your scope turret or by your objective bell. I did not realize how important this was until I tried to install the other brand on a compact scope (night force NXS).

    This “top of the line” model from the other brand I mentioned–was kind of a joke by comparison. The fine adjustment on that level is set and held by 4 tiny set screws that are *obscured by your objective bell on one side*, and your *scope turret on the other*. So they are pretty tough to get to, esp on this compact scope I was mounting them on. I had to pull the turret and use a ball head Allen to even access those adjustment screws from the other brand. And the Allen heads on the other brand are so tiny you feel like they will strip after a few adjustments. And you have to hold the level in place with your fingers while tightening the tiny a** screws up. This one holds your adjustment in place with a spring until you run the set screw up from the bottom.

    I have not used any of the three in the field yet but they all look equally durable. I wish I had bought three of these from Mt Tactical instead of being promiscuous and buying some from the other brand to try as well.

    NOTE: those cheaper levels with no fine adjustment, (which are sold everywhere as mentioned in the video), are useless. You will end up throwing them across the room.

    My recommendation: having just installed this one, and two separate more expensive models from the more established brand…do not even consider buying anything but this one.

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Questions and answers of the customers

    35mm option for Leupold?
  1. 0 votes
    Q 35mm option for Leupold? answer now
    Asked by Stev on March 10, 2022 12:21 pm
    Answered by the admin


    Unfortunately, we only manufacture 30, 34 and 1 inch.

    Thank you,

    The Mountain Tactical Team

  2. Hi, Do you make a rapid level to fit a leupold mark 5, 35mm?
  3. 0 votes
    Q Hi, Do you make a rapid level to fit a leupold mark 5, 35mm? answer now
    Asked by adam Berchem on October 22, 2021 5:01 pm
    Answered by the admin


    At this time we only make a 30, 34 mm and a 1 inch. 

    Thank you,

    The Mountain Tactical Team

  4. 35mm tube in the future ??
  5. 0 votes
    Q 35mm tube in the future ?? answer now
    Asked by Zeng Yang on October 1, 2021 1:02 am
    Answered by the admin


    Yes, we are working on them. Probably not until after hunting season.

    Thank you,

    The Mountain Tactical Team

  6. What is the width of a 30mm ring?
  7. 0 votes
    Q What is the width of a 30mm ring? answer now
    Asked by Paul on September 19, 2021 9:49 am
    Answered by the admin


    The 30mm rapid level is .35"

    Thank you,

    The Mountain Tactical Team

  8. Does it weigh 2 pounds?
  9. 0 votes
    Q Does it weigh 2 pounds? answer now
    Asked by TERRY on July 7, 2021 7:28 am
    Answered by the admin


    It weighs .9 oz.

    Thank you,


  10. Can I get one in the uk
  11. 0 votes
    Q Can I get one in the uk answer now
    Asked by Roy Repton on December 26, 2020 3:00 pm
    Answered by the admin


    Yes you can get one in the UK. We are currently out of the 30mm but have the 34 and 1 inch in stock. We charge $14.99 USD for all international shipments.

    Thank you,


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