September 2, 2020
Posted By Jason

Introducing the Newest Member of the Team

Jason McCann with Mountain Tactical. Just thought I'd introduce you to our new modern high-speed machining center. Most of you may not know but we take great pride in the products that we make, and there's been a lot of products that Tikka shooters have wanted, they've been begging us for, that on our old equipment which is just either too complicated or we could make it, but we couldn't make it fast enough to actually go into production on. So there's a lot of things that we've been wanting to launch and we have not been able to launch because we didn't have the equipment. Well now, with this new machine, not only is our quality – we've seen an increase in quality and repeatability off of this machine compared to our old machine over here, but we actually make faster, [00:01:00] more lively, and to just make those really cool products that we've been talking about with you and then we're excited to make as well.