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International Shipping

International Shipping

We do sell outside the United States and appreciate our international customers.   Please note that Mountain Tactical Company does not ship firearms internationally, only to US Based FFLs.  However, firearms accessories and other non-firearm items may be shipped internationally.

Before you call us, please make sure that your order complies with the following requirements:

Government Restrictions

  1. The United States Government has restrictions in place with regards to countries to which we are unable to export.
  2. The United States Government has export restrictions in place for items such as barrels, barrel blanks, bolt assemblies, cylinders, receivers, frames, bolts, high capacity magazines, shotgun magazines, shotgun magazine extension tubes, shotgun complete trigger mechanisms, etc. There are also many weapons we are not permitted to export parts for.
  3. Most countries have additional restrictions in place for importing firearm accessories.  It is the BUYER’S responsibility to comply with their country’s import process. 

Company Policy

  1. Any order paid for with a foreign credit card MUST go to the foreign country.
  2. Any order paid for with a USA based credit card can be shipped to any allowed foreign country.
  3. Foreign orders containing restricted parts, requiring an export license from the U.S. Department of State are not accepted, since we no longer do any licensing for the State Department.
  4. Foreign orders containing unrestricted parts, requiring an import license from the country of destination are accepted.
  5. Additional restrictions are listed in the product description if applicable.

Shipping and Handling

  1. Foreign orders require more than 48 hours to process.
  2. When you order multiple items, we might ship some of them from a different warehouse. In such cases you may receive your order in two or more parcels, but you are not charged any additional shipping fees.
  3. Please allow up to six weeks for delivery via USPS.
  4. Foreign orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS). Please note that heavy items and large order quantities may be subject to additional shipping charges.
  5. International Tracking is ONLY available through International Express Shipping.  Other shipping options may or may not be tracked through the receiving country’s postal system.

Payment Options

  • Our preferred method of payment is through the Major Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Amex & Discover.
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