24 Inch CTR Introduction

24 Inch CTR Introduction

While everyone at the Shot Show was ogling the new Tikka T3x Tac A1, I was more interested in this sleeper sitting in the corner.  Finally, the perfect package for the American shooter!  A 24-inch Tikka T3x CTR. 

The CTR garnered attention from precision minded shooters who wanted more than a light weight hunting rifle but could not stomach the cost or limited availability of the Tikka T3 Tactical. 

And what’s not to like?  For around $1,000 you receive the renowned T3 action with its superb rigidity, a Teflon coated bolt adding to the silky smoothness that other manufacturers envy, and a stiff, middleweight barrel ready to receive the muzzle brake of your choice.  Add to it the bombproof reliability of the 10 round TRG22 magazine system and you have a rifle engineered to meet the full gamut of shooting disciplines.

The only drawback…  the 20” barrel.

Precision shooters understand that short, fat barrels are more accurate than long fat barrels due to the minimization of barrel harmonics.  However, this is not what the market wants.  In the US, we want long barrels that can maximize powder burn and send our projectiles down range at maximum velocity.  With quality, match grade ammo and hand tuned reloads barrel harmonics can be tuned.

Enter the new for 2017, 24” barreled Tikka T3x CTR. 

Tikka took the success of the CTR platform and turned it into the perfect package.  I guess you can have your cake and eat it too.

At this point, the only options are 6.5 Creedmoor and whether you want stainless or parkerized black.

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Tikka T3x CTR 24 Inch 6.5CM Introduction

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