Tikka Adjustable Varmint/Sporter Stock

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Tikka Adjustable Varmint/Sporter Stock

This rifle stock is tailor made for competition hunting.
A full and lowered fore-end gives a good grip and helps improve the standing shooting position.
The grip has a six degree angle to the side to aid the shooter to an ergonomically correct position.
The comb and the recoil pad can be easily adjusted with pushbuttons - the SpeedLock system.
This unique system allows you to quickly adjust the length and height of the stock between shooting positions; no tools needed!  

At the lowest comb position any bolt can be pulled from any system. Both the comb and recoil pad can be fully removed.

All stocks are provided with a 1/2” Limbsaver recoil pad, which is capable of taming even the heaviest recoiling calibers.

***Stocks ship within 4-6 weeks of order***


  • Oiled finish
  • 1/2" Limbsaver recoil pad
  • Strata bond laminate
  • SpeedLock adjustment
  • 30mm adjustment LOP and cheek piece
  • Weighs 49 Ounces (+ - 5% depending on weapon inlet)
  • 100% drop in inlet
  • Same price for RH and LH stocks!
  • Available in 6 colors


Q & A (6)

Q: What is the difference between the GRS Adjustable Varmint/Sporter stock and the GRS Adjustable Hunting Stock? One difference appears to be about 3 ounces of weight. Additionally the description states the stock comes with a SpeedLock adjustable comb and recoil pad. While adding this stock to my cart one of the options is an adjustable butt plate. What is the difference between the adjustable recoil pad and the adjustable butt plate? Also could you tell me the difference between the action inlet for the T3 and the action inlet for the T3 Varmint\Tactical. I have a T3 with a custom Bartlein barrel in a heavy sporter contour. Thanks in advance for helping me with all these questions. ( Todd, 11/03/2014 )

A: Hi Todd, Great questions! The difference between the Varmint/Sporter and the Hunter is the butt stock. The Varmint has a hook with a flat bottom to make prone and bench shooting easier. The Hunter has a more traditional, triangular butt stock. The Speedlock adjustments that come standard changes the height of the cheek comb and the length of pull of the stock. An adjustable butt plate adds vertical adjustment of the recoil pad to fine tune your fit even more. The barrel inlet for the T3 Varmint/Tactical is what you would to pick for your barrel profile. I just put a custom 284 with a Brux in the Varmint stock for comps this year. Thank you for your inquiry! Jason ( Jason, 12/03/2014 )
Q: Do these stocks come in left hand for the T3 Varmint? ( Tylor, 01/02/2014 )

A: Hi Tylor, These do come in a true left handed option. Under the "action" category, be sure to select the left handed inlet. Thank you for your inquiry! Jason ( Jason, 05/02/2014 )
Q: do you have these avail. if not what is the current wait time? thanks ( gary vigorito, 25/01/2014 )

A: Hi Gary, These are all made to order and ship within 6-8 weeks of ordering. Thank you for your inquiry! Jason ( Jason, 26/01/2014 )
Q: Does this come with an upgraded recoil lug? Or do you have to use the factory one? If using the factory would it be worth upgrading? And would that require a gunsmith or a lot of work? ( Dan, 10/12/2013 )

A: Hi Dan, This stock comes with an upgraded steel lug already installed. It is a drop in fit and will not require any gunsmithing to install. Thank you for your inquiry! ( Jason, 11/12/2013 )
Q: How much would this increase the weight of the rifle compared to the stock T3 varmint? ( Dan, 09/12/2013 )

A: Hi Dan, This will add 10 ounces to the weight of your current T3 Varmint. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you for your inquiry! Jason ( Jason, 09/12/2013 )

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