Tikka Adjustable Varmint/Sporter Stock


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Tikka Adjustable Varmint/Sporter Stock

This rifle stock is tailor made for competition hunting.
A full and lowered fore-end gives a good grip and helps improve the standing shooting position.
The grip has a six degree angle to the side to aid the shooter to an ergonomically correct position.
The comb and the recoil pad can be easily adjusted with pushbuttons - the SpeedLock system.
This unique system allows you to quickly adjust the length and height of the stock between shooting positions; no tools needed!  

At the lowest comb position any bolt can be pulled from any system. Both the comb and recoil pad can be fully removed.

All stocks are provided with a 1/2” Limbsaver recoil pad, which is capable of taming even the heaviest recoiling calibers.

***Stocks ship within 4-6 weeks of order***


  • Oiled finish
  • 1/2" Limbsaver recoil pad
  • Strata bond laminate
  • SpeedLock adjustment
  • 30mm adjustment LOP and cheek piece
  • Weighs 49 Ounces (+ - 5% depending on weapon inlet)
  • 100% drop in inlet
  • Same price for RH and LH stocks!
  • Available in 6 colors

Q & A (13)

Q: Do you ship to Canada and what options are available? rails butt spike, etc ( mark nault, 15/02/2015 )

A: Hi Mark, We ship to Canada almost daily so no issues there. All the options for the stock are listed in the description. I'm not sure what a butt spike is but you can call our shop and talk with a tech and I'm sure we can figure it out. Thank you for your inquiry! The MT Team ( Jason, 16/02/2015 )
Q: What is the adjustable range of LOP for this stock? ( Rob, 14/02/2015 )

A: Hi Rob, The LOP is adjustable from 13" to 14.25" Thank you for your inquiry! The MT Team ( Jason, 16/02/2015 )
Q: Can i use the factory t3 magazines and plastics bottoms originals in this stocks ? Can you send to Argentina ? Thank you ( Nacho, 03/12/2014 )

A: Nacho, Your factory dbm and magazines should work fine in the GRS stocks, and i do believe we can ship to Argentina ( RP, 03/12/2014 )
Q: will the comb need to be removed to clean the rifle bore with bore sticks? ( Big Al, 13/11/2014 )

A: Big Al, nope- just dropped, it's very easy to adjust ( RP, 13/11/2014 )
Q: Is the 308. win a short action? on the tikka website its medium action? ( Robin, 28/09/2014 )

A: Robin, the .308 Winchester is considered a short action. Tikka refers to it as medium because of their magazine classifications (short, medium, short magnum, and long). Short is for .223 Remington and associated cartridges- 17 Fireball, 17 Remington, .221 Fireball, .222, etc. Medium is for what most of us consider "short" action calibers, such as- .243, .260, 6.5x47 lapua, 7mm-08, .308 Win, .338 federal, etc. Short magnum includes 270WSM, 284 Win, 7SAUM, 7WSM, 300SAUM, 300WSM, 325WSM, etc. Long includes all of the standard long chamberings, and long magnums, such as- 25-06, 270 Win, .280, 7 Remington Magnum, 30-06, 300 Winchester magnum, 388 Win Mag, etc. Many of the calibers I just listed are not available in factory Tikka rifles, but I included them to give you a sense of the incredible flexibility inherent in the Tikka T3 design. Every caliber listed (and more that I didn't mention) will function well in a Tikka T3 with the appropriate magazine & bolt stop! ( RP, 29/09/2014 )

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