Tikka T3/T3x Elite Series Hardened Action Screws



Quit screwing around!

Are you sick of buying expensive replacement bottom metal action screws for your Tikka T3, only to find that they ship you totally lame SLOTTED screws?

Of course, here at Mountain Tactical, we are looking out for you and your Tikka T3 rifle! 

Mountain Tactical is proud to announce our own line of Tikka T3 action screws that have a Torx head! Our screws are also HALF THE PRICE of the factory screws! It’s like getting two sets for the price of one, so why not buy two!! Now we are talking!

As if stainless steel wasn't strong enough, we sent these off to be treated with a salt bath nitride solution, making them 37% stronger. This process also gives them a deep black finish.

Of course our screws come with the Mountain Tactical Lifetime Replacement Guarantee!

Proudly Made in Montana!


Material – Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Finish – Black Salt Bath Nitride

Weight - 1 ounce

Q & A (26)

Are your action screws M6, 1.0, 30mm, and 40mm? ( glenn fink, 08/09/2018 )

Hi Glenn,

They are Torx T-25

O.D. 6mm, 1.0 thread pitch

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

I need the front attachment screw for my sling. Rifle is a Tikka T3X in 308. ( Manuel A Gonzalez, 02/09/2018 )

Hi Manuel,

We do not sell those, but you can check out Brownells.com

Thanks for the inquiry!

MT Team

Are these same lenght as the standard ones that comes with a T3 CTR? ( Nicolai Petersen, 04/07/2018 )

Hello Nicolai,

These Torx head action screws are made to Tikka specs and they fit all models of Tikka T3/T3x, M595 and M695. They also fit the Sako 75, 85 and A7.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

I need the screw that holds the slides on fore end grip on my tikka t3x. Can you supply this. thanks. ( gary golly, 21/06/2018 )

Hello Gary,

You will want to look at Brownells.com.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

What screw upgrades are recomended for a blued .270 and a stainless 30-06? Should they be different? I hear stainless can have issues with gauling. Just want to get my poop in a group before i order. Thanks ( Chris, 06/04/2018 )

Hello Chris,

Both of the action screws we sell will work for either rifle. They are both steel screws, but one is salt bath nitrided, so therefore black and also 33% harder.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

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