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Thumbhole fans, rejoice!  Our new thumbhole sporter stock will fit your needs!

Our Thumbhole Sporter is lightweight, and comfortable with some features not found on other thumbhole stocks.

The stock has a rollover cheek piece and a straight comb with gives you great sight alignment and felt recoil reduction.

The forend is narrow, and features finger grooves which greatly enhance forend grip and control.

We even took a step further, and added vents to the forend for better barrel cooling.

The barrel channel is inlet for a sporter barrel contour.

Each stock comes standard with a hand fit, 1” Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad and a Mountain Tactical Elite Recoil Lug fitted to the stock.

This makes this stock truly a drop-in fit, which can be installed in just a few minutes.

Stratabond laminate is the industry standard for high quality laminate stock making the world over. The wood layers are actually impregnated with the resin, causing them to be not just water resistant on the surface, but throughout the stock as well.

All you have to decide is what color you want!


  • Material:  Stratabond Laminate
  • Colors:  Brown, Black, Green Mountain Camo, Royal Jacaranda
  • Left Handed Option:  YES!!!
  • Length of Pull: 13.75”
  • Overall Length: 31”
  • Weight: approx. 2lb 10oz
  • Recoil Pad:  1” Pachmayr Decelerator – Hand Finished to stock
  • Recoil Lug:  4140 Steel Mountain Tactical Elite Recoil Lug
  • Finish: Satin finish to reduce glare, weather resistant

Q & A (18)

Q: I am looking at purchasing one of your Tikka T3 (in stock) Thumb-hole stocks for my Tikka T3 in .308 caliber. This will be the first after factory stock I have purchased for any of my rifles. How much work will be entailed while installing it on my Tikka? Will I have to take it to a gunsmith, or will it just drop in and I'm good to go? Thanks for your advice! ( Jerry Bryant, 21/06/2014 )

A: Hello, Jerry Our stocks are CNC inletted to fit the Tikka action perfectly. The stocks come with one of our Elite Series Recoil lugs already installed, so it is simply a matter of dropping in your action, and utilizing the existing factory bottom metal and screws to complete the job. Five minutes, max! Thanks for the inquriy ( Greg, 24/06/2014 )
Q: Hi Greg. I am also interested in your answer to the previous ? I can tell you that my friend imported 2 Boyd stocks, 1 for a Ruger 10/22 the other for a varmint 223, both had to be fitted by a gunsmith here in NZ at considerable extra cost and 3 to 4 weeks delay. I suggest Alan spends $99 and finds out for himself. I am looking forward to your " Custom Order" so that my order can be processed and shipped. ( Ken, 13/05/2014 )

A: Hello, Ken It won't be long before we have the custom option up on the site. We are moving our location this week and some next week, so we want to get settled in before we make a change to our workflow. If your friend gets some other company's stock, he should remember that the price of our stocks is a known factor, but the gunsmith bill is not! Thanks again for the inquiry! ( Greg, 13/05/2014 )
Q: What is the difference in the Boyds thumbhole stock that cost $99.00 and the thumbhole stocks that you have? ( Alan, 10/05/2014 )

A: Hello, Alan The thumbhole sporter stock was invented by Joel Russo, a custom stock maker. His design is the standard of the industry and has been adopted by many stock makers. We felt that a good design is a good design, so we went with it. Boyds stocks may be similar to ours, but our stocks differ in that there is no fitting involved in mounting your barreled action, which can eat up money at a gunsmith. Also, our stocks come with a Limbsaver recoil pad, while the Boyds stocks come with a hard rubber pad. We also place our tool steel, salt bath nitrided recoil lug in the stock, which is a $30.00 value. Boyds approached us to supply them with our recoil lug, but they decided to just use a plain steel lug which is much cheaper, but not better! Hope that helps! ( Greg, 13/05/2014 )
Q: Hi Greg, thanks for your prompt reply, 1st ? When will the future production be available ? 2nd ? I have tried adding the performance kit to the shopping cart, your website asks for MOA option but does not seem to give any place to choose, please advise. Thanks Ken. ( Ken, 09/05/2014 )

A: Hello again, Ken As far as the Performance Kit is concerned, we have sold out of our Performance Rails and will have them in in about 3 weeks. That is why the kit is not showing a rail option. I have good news for you on the stocks! We have modified the through-put of our woodworker company, and they will, very shortly be able to manufacture our stocks on-demand, which will allow our customers to order any stock in any configuration and color, and receive it in two weeks total! We are finalizing the process, and you will begin seeing our stocks listed as Custom Order, with the lead time specified on the website. This will be great for the customer and us, as we won't need to try to order what we think customers will want, and allows the customer to get exactly what they want at all times. Give us about a week to get things finalized, and you will be able to order your stock. If we did things the old way, you would have a 6 week wait or more for getting your stock. ( Greg, 09/05/2014 )
Q: I would like to buy the Thumbhole Sporter stock in timber Brown for a stainless T3 in 270win. If I also order the performance kit for $119.99, can you fit the Limbsaver to the stock prior to shipping? Have you had any problems with sending Stocks to New Zealand ? ( Ken, 06/05/2014 )

A: Hello, Ken The Thumbhole Sporter stock comes with a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad, which has been custom sanded to fit the stock perfectly. The Limbsaver pad is an exact match to the factory Tikka stock, and will not fit perfectly. On future production, all of our stocks will be fitted with a sand to fit Limbsaver pad. We have no problems shipping to NZ, and do it all the time! Hope that helps! ( Greg, 07/05/2014 )

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