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(Pictures show a laminate version.  Walnut pictures will be uploaded shortly)

The American Hunter follows the lines of the classic American stocks. This design has been proven over the years to give the shooter a comfortable hold, light weight, and traditional good looks.

The stock is designed with a raised cheek piece for precise hold and sight alignment, and straight comb to minimize felt recoil.

The barrel channel is inlet for a sporter barrel contour. The stock comes standard with a hand-fit, 1” Limbsaver recoil pad and a Mountain Tactical Elite Recoil Lug fitted to the stock.

This makes this stock truly a drop-in fit, which can be installed in just a few minutes. Up front, we install a sling swivel stud, so you can use either a sling or a bipod. Most bipods today allow for a sling attachment to be made on the bipod mount.

The forend is checkered in a wrap-around checkering pattern with fleur-de-lis highlights for that truly top-shelf appearance.

At Tikka Performance, we’ve got you covered!


  • Material:  Solid American Walnut
  • Colors:  American Walnut
  • Left Hand Option:  YES!!!
  • Length of Pull: 13.75”
  • Overall Length: 31”
  • Weight: approx. 2lb
  • Recoil Pad:  1” Limbsaver – Hand Finished to stock
  • Recoil Lug:  4140 Steel Mountain Tactical Elite Recoil Lug
  • Finish: Satin finish to reduce glare, weather resistant

Q & A (9)

Q: When will the walnut stocks be available again? ( mark , 24/05/2014 )

A: We now have the ability to get our customers any stock that Mountain Tactical makes in 2-3 weeks as a custom order! Check out the site and you will see the stocks listed as such now. Thanks! ( Greg, 09/06/2014 )
Q: Does the t3 american hunter stock fit the 300WSM t3 lite . Just wondering if the stocks are the same for short and long actions. Thanks, Stewart ( STEWART BALLANCE, 11/03/2014 )

A: Hello, Stuart As all Tikka T3 actions are the same size, regardless of caliber, our American Hunter and all of our other stocks will fit all calibers of the Tikka T3. Thanks for the inquiry! ( Greg, 12/03/2014 )
Q: Does the American hunter walnut stock come with a ebony forend tip and and grip cap? thanks Jim ( Jim Shanks, 15/12/2013 )

A: Hi Jim We are releasing a Walnut stock with ebony forend tip and grip cap this week. The designation will be the Vintage American Hunter. Our developer should have the pictures and product listing done tonight. Thank you for your inquiry! Jason ( Jason, 16/12/2013 )
Q: Hi Jason, I am thinking about purchasing the T3 Varmint Stainless rifle (left hand) in 30-06. I am not a fan of the stock that comes with the T3 Varmint rifle and was wondering if the Walnut American Hunter stock can be customized to fit the Varmint barrel? Thanks, Mel Pelly ( Mel, 21/11/2013 )

A: Hi Mel, There would definitely be enough material left in the Walnut stock after opening up the barrel channel to avoid compromising the structural integrity. It would be a relatively simple task for a gunsmith to perform. You would need to seal the wood again after removing the material. A urethane based sealant would work quite nicely. Let us know if we can help you out in any way with your project! Thank you for your inquiry! Jason ( Jason, 21/11/2013 )
Q: have Tikka t3 forest blued just wondering if you make walnut stock for it also wondered about getting Full stock mannlicher style made up cheers Rob ( Rob Dpbie, 20/11/2013 )

A: Hi Rob, Our Tikka T3 Walnut stock will fit your Forest Model without any modifications. You'll be shooting your rifle in our stock within 10 minutes! Unfortunately we cannot design and produce one of a kind stocks for a reasonable price. Between the prototyping and testing the cost would be outrageous. If you are interested in a one off stock, please contact us and we can give you an estimate to how much it will be. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you for you inquiry! Jason ( Jason, 20/11/2013 )

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