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Andrea was born in the southern California desert and raised in the Las Vegas heat.  She loves the sun, water and being warm….which is ironic because she has spent many years now in the mountain states where it gets cold.  Bozeman is a one of a kind place to live and has given her many new adventures.  

She started working part time as the Office Manager at Mountain Tactical in 2015. Her favorite part of the day is talking to our wonderful customers on the phone and through email. Never in a million years did she or her family think she would work in the firearms industry and she has enjoyed the challenge and new adventure it has provided.  Working at Mountain Tactical and belonging to a ladies magazine club has given her a coolness factor among her family and friends.

Her favorite part of the day is after work when she can go to recess and play outside in the sun and snow.  She can be found hiking, kayaking, swimming, biking, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and going to yoga classes on any given day.  Bozeman has a saying around town that “the Mountains are calling” and that is one of her favorite places to be with her family and friends.