Tikka Bolt Tool

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This little tool will save you hours of frustration when installing bolt shrouds and handles.  Especially if you accidentally un-spring the firing pin mechanism in your bolt.

Not everyone is built like Hercules but this tool will make you feel like him.  Easily reload the firing pin spring, change out a bolt handle, or quickly dismantle your bolt for cleaning with confidence.

Q & A (10)

Do you offer a steel bolt lift & Knob in a matte black for the Tikka T3X CTR or just the ones with the SS w/the matte black knurled Knob? Thank you. ( Ken , 22/04/2019 )

Hello Ken,

We do not offer a matte black bolt stem, only the stainless steel bolt stem with the matte black bolt handle.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

Hello, Does your bolt tool work on the T3X Tac A1 bolt? Thanks ( Maurice Leudo , 23/03/2019 )

Hello Maurice,

Yes, the bolt tool works on the TAC A1.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

I'm sure this is a silly question but does it suit left handed rifles? ( Mick, 05/01/2019 )

Hello Mick,

Yes, this is a universal bolt tool.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

Ok, mayia silly question but what is the notch on the handle end meant for? ( Brian Swanson, 31/12/2018 )


The notch in the circle is for the firing pin and you can watch the video on Youtube.


Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

Since you are just 3D printing these will you release the STL file so we can print them ourselves? $15 is kind of steep for something that cost less then a dollar to print. ( Taylor Hardin, 25/04/2018 )

Hi Taylor,

We have no plans to release any of our designs to the general public.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

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