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Mountain Tactical spent 10 months designing, testing, and improving what has become the finest Tikka T3 Bolt Shroud on the market today.

The development team was tasked with creating not only a more durable bolt shroud than the plastic factory part, but to also add a level of increased precision that would allow the firearm to perform better than it does with the plastic shroud.

The end result is what you see here. 

Mass was increased over three fold to give the firing pin assembly a more solid platform to operate from.

The outside diameter was matched to the inside diameter of the bolt race creating perfect alignment of the bolt to enhance concentricity of the cartridge to the chamber.  In essence, the benefit is the same as having a three lug bolt to insure alignment to the axis of the bore.

All this and a profound aesthetic enhancement as well.

Like all Mountain Tactical products, this Tikka T3 Bolt Shroud carries a lifetime warranty to ensure a lifetime of good service.

Proudly Made in Montana!


Material – 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum

Finish – Type III Mil-Spec Hard Anodized

Weight - .7 ounces

Q & A (85)

Will this work on a Sako A7? ( Jim , 27/01/2019 )

Hello Jim,

The Tikka T3/T3x Performance Series Bolt Shrouds are designed to work with the T3/T3x and M595 and M695.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

I have a TIKKA T-3 SUPERLITE, .243CAL, What bolt shroud would I order? ( HERB, 27/01/2019 )

Hello Herb,

Our Tikka T3/T3x Performance Series Bolt Shrouds are a direct factory replacement for the the T3/T3x and caliber is irrelevant.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

What is the difference between the gen 2 and gen 3 in the shroud And will u get the spring in the 2 when ordered or have i to order the spring separate ??
Thanking you
( Noel D, 06/01/2019 )

Hello Noel,

A bolt shroud spring is included with each bolt shroud ordered.  This is an optional part and is not required to be installed unless you experience any play or rattling without it.  Generation 2 verses Generation 3 just refers to the latest internal Mountain Tactical design.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

Will the bolt shroud fit the T1x? ( John N Horsley III, 05/01/2019 )

Hello John,

No, it will not fit.  The only parts that will fit are the trigger spring, action screws and T3x Limbsaver pad.  The T1x is a new rifle model and the platform is very different.  The good news is we are in the process of designing parts to fit and any new updates will be on Facebook.

Thanks for inquiry!

MT Team

I just received my gen 3 bolt shroud.
When I slide it on without the spring, it slides nice and freely -no binding, but it is a little loose.
When I use the spring, it takes up the slack, but it makes it harder to cock the bolt.
Without the spring, the bolt cocks easier then with it.

I don't understand how such a little spring can make such a difference?

Can you help me with this?

First, how could the spring make it cock harder?
What are my options ?
Can you send me a shorter or weaker spring?

Do I need the spring?

Please be descriptive in your responses.

I would like to keep the shroud instead of returning it.

Thank you.
( Mark Isakson, 10/11/2018 )

Hello Mark,

The spring is optional to install.  However, the spring can alleviate any looseness or rattle you may experience when it is installed.  If the fit is too tight with it installed you can customize the spring by clipping off some excess and it should fit just right.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

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