Tikka T3/T3x Gen2 Performance Series Bolt Shroud


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Mountain Tactical spent 10 months designing, testing, and improving what has become the finest Tikka T3 Bolt Shroud on the market today.

The development team was tasked with creating not only a more durable bolt shroud than the plastic factory part, but to also add a level of increased precision that would allow the firearm to perform better than it does with the plastic shroud.

The end result is what you see here. 

Mass was increased over three fold to give the firing pin assembly a more solid platform to operate from.

The outside diameter was matched to the inside diameter of the bolt race creating perfect alignment of the bolt to enhance concentricity of the cartridge to the chamber.  In essence, the benefit is the same as having a three lug bolt to insure alignment to the axis of the bore.

All this and a profound aesthetic enhancement as well.

Like all Mountain Tactical products, this Tikka T3 Bolt Shroud carries a lifetime warranty to ensure a lifetime of good service.

Proudly Made in Montana!


Material – 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum

Finish – Type III Mil-Spec Hard Anodized

Weight - .7 ounces

Q & A (55)

Will this shroud work on the 595/695 series? ( Mark, 29/04/2017 )

Hi Mark,

Fits on all models of Tikka T3, M595 and M695.

Thanks for your inquiry,

MT Team

What is the purpose of the included spring? When the shroud is installed with the spring the bolt is very hard closing, without the spring it closes as normal but there is a very small amount of play between the shroud and bolt. ( Brock, 07/04/2017 )

Hi Brock,

The installation of the spring is optional.  It is only needed if you experience a lot of play between the bolt and shroud.  If the spring is used and then it becomes too tight to move, we recommend not using it.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

Hi i have placed an order for 2 tikka bolt shrouds and one recoil lug. I know they are on backorder was just wondering if you had an estimation on when they may ship?
Thanks scott
( Scott watkins, 20/03/2017 )

Hi Scott,

Please contact the shop directly for inventory/backorder status at info@tikkashooters.com or 406-285-2371 M-TH 8:30 am - 2:30 pm (MST).

Thanks for your inquiry,

MT Team

Do you have a black aluminum shroud for a tikka t3 and how much are they ? ( Jimmy wilson , 30/12/2016 )

Hello Jimmy,

We do have the black aluminum shroud for your rifle! They are currently in stock. They are $59.99.  See link below:


Thanks for the inquiry!

Do you have a timeline when you will have OEM 2 replacement trigger guards available for my T3 Sporter.
( Bill Lawes, 25/11/2016 )

Hi Bill,

They are available for backorder right now and will start shipping on 12/5/16.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

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