Tikka T3/T3x Elite Series Action Screws



Quit screwing around!

Are you sick of buying expensive replacement bottom metal action screws for your Tikka T3, only to find that they ship you totally lame SLOTTED screws?

Of course, here at Mountain Tactical, we are looking out for you and your Tikka T3 rifle! 

Mountain Tactical is proud to announce our own line of Tikka T3 action screws that have a Torx head! Our screws are also HALF THE PRICE of the factory screws! It’s like getting two sets for the price of one, so why not buy two!! Now we are talking!

Of course our screws come with the Mountain Tactical Lifetime Replacement Guarantee!

Proudly Made in Montana!


Material – Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Finish – Polished

Weight - 1 ounce

Q & A (31)

What is the OD of these screws so I can by the proper reamer for turning pillars? ( Patrick, 03/05/2017 )


The outside diameter of the screws is 6mm.  

Thanks for your inquriy,

MT Team

Two questions, will your action screws work with my 595 (22-250short action) and do you have 5 round magazines for the same rifle, and can they be be shipped to Canada. ( Gene Ziefflie, 15/03/2017 )

Hello Gene,

I am sorry, but the action screws are designed specifically for the T3. We don't carry any of the 595 magazines, but Brownells is the North American distributor for Sako and Tikka, and carries all the replacement parts for them. That would be your best bet on magazines!

Thanks for the inquiry!

Your Web site did not show any stocks for sale. Looking to replace the factory plastic stock on my 223 varmint . Can you tell me if thet if the McMillan stocks will improve accuracy?

Thank you

( ED, 19/01/2017 )

Hello Ed,

Our factory stocked T3 Varmint 223 shot 1/4 MOA for years having done nothing to the stock. I don't really think that an aftermarket stock will improve accuracy mechanically, but if you get better ergonomics and shooting position out of it, it can improve your accuracy with the rifle. McMillan makes quality riflestocks, so if their ergo's are right for you, it is certainly a fine stock. GRS stocks which we used to sell, were very nice adjustable stocks. Kelbly's distributes them in the USA now.

Thanks for the inquiry!

I'm about ready to order the new bottom metal for my factory stock, which I expect to retain, for my Tikka T3x in 30-06 (I like the factory stock, and don't see a need to replace it). I'd like to order the new action bolts as well, but am wondering what the benefits of the hardened ones vs. these "Elite" ones are? This is for a pure hunting setup, so trying to keep it solid, but light-weight.

( Darin Jordan, 15/12/2016 )

Hi Darin,

They are both marine grade stainless steel screws.  The hardened version is then  (Salt Bath Nitrated) for a jet black

finish and 37% greater strength.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

I just bought the Tikka T3 superlite camo from Cabela's. I removed the recoil pad and was not able to remove the two screws from the original recoil pad...so I was unable to place the limbsaver recoil pad. Will these work to lock down the limbsaver recoil pad to the but of the stock?
( Christopher Wood, 23/11/2016 )


These screws work to install the bottom metal.  The Limbsaver is a direct replacement for the factory pad. The factory screws should push out through the rubber on the factory pad, and then can be used to install the Limbsaver.  

Thanks for your inquiry,

MT Team 

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