Tikka T3/T3x Elite Series Action Screws



Quit screwing around!

Are you sick of buying expensive replacement bottom metal action screws for your Tikka T3, only to find that they ship you totally lame SLOTTED screws?

Of course, here at Mountain Tactical, we are looking out for you and your Tikka T3 rifle! 

Mountain Tactical is proud to announce our own line of Tikka T3 action screws that have a Torx head! Our screws are also HALF THE PRICE of the factory screws! It’s like getting two sets for the price of one, so why not buy two!! Now we are talking!

Of course our screws come with the Mountain Tactical Lifetime Replacement Guarantee!

Proudly Made in Montana!


Material – Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Finish – Polished

Weight - 1 ounce

Q & A (49)

Please advise torque settings for action screws for a Tikka T3 Lite.
( John Norman, 18/03/2018 )

Hello John,

         Wooden stock:  30-40 inch pound

         Synthetic:  45-55 inch pound 

         Laminate:  35 inch pound

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

After replacing the bottom metal with one of yours the factory action screws only catch by 3 threads. Do you make longer action screws? ( Bernie Metz, 20/02/2018 )

Hello Bernie,

These screws are made to Tikka spec so we don't offer longer ones.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

Are your Stainless Steel torx head guard screws for Tikka T3/T3X @$19.99 per pair? I assume they are but need clarification. They are listed as 1? Please advise. ( Gary Caulk, 14/01/2018 )

Hello Gary,

Our screws are indeed sold as a pair.  

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

Do you recommend using blue thread locker with your action screws? Or just torque to 40 in-lbs for a synthetic stock?
( R.J., 28/12/2017 )

Hello RJ,

We don't use any thread locker on our action screws. Just torque to the 40 -50 inch pounds, and you will be all set.

Thanks for the inquiry!

The MT Team 

I recently stocked up on a lot of parts from your shop. I'm looking for great groupings at 500 yards.
I noticed you don't make your own brakes, at least they are not listed on the website. Do you plan on making brakes in the future? Would love to know what brakes you suggest for the T3X in 300 wsm. I mostly want to track my own shots better, but reduced felt recoil is nice too.
( Michael, 20/12/2017 )

Hello Michael,

We like to recommend the Little Bastard muzzle brake, as it has proven itself and gets really good reviews. Just Google it!

Thanks for the inquiry!

The MT Team

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