Tikka T3/T3x Gen3 Elite Series Stainless Steel Recoil Lug



The Tikka Performance Center is proud to announce our Gen3 Elite Series Stainless Steel Recoil lugs for the Tikka T3.

Our latest generation of recoil lugs are a significant upgrade from the second generation of lugs.  Previously, we used 316 marine grade stainless steel which had a yield strength of 89,000 psi.  This was a major improvement from the factory aluminum lug which has a yield strength of 21,000 psi (significantly less than the standard psi generated by modern rifle cartridges).  Now we have upgrade the stainless steel we use to 17-4PH H900 stainless steel.  The yield strength of this remarkable steel is 200,000 psi making the new Gen3 Recoil Lug stronger than the action itself!

The primary advantage of the Gen3 Elite Series Stainless Steel Recoil Lug is the additional strength of 17-4PH H900 stainless steel absorbing the recoil of the rifle instead of the light-weight aluminum alloy Tikka uses.  If you remove the recoil lug from your stock, you'll see an upside down trapezoid appear over time.  This dent eventually allows the action to move under recoil and degrades accuracy.

Our Gen3 Elite Series Stainless Steel Recoil Lug is also machined to a larger dimension, yet still fits in the factory stock.  This tighter fit results in increased rigidity between the action and the stock.  The increase in consistency of the rifle is amazing!

This is a similar system the Sako TRG-42 utilizes without the $3,500 price tag!

We proudly manufacture our Gen3 Elite Series Stainless Steel Recoil Lugs from 17-4PH H900 Stainless Steel for the ultimate in weather resistance and a lifetime of service. 

Our Gen3 Elite Series Stainless Steel Recoil Lugs for the Tikka T3 will provide you a lifetime of service, even under the harshest conditions or the heaviest recoil you throw at them.

These lugs are machined to an amazing +/- .0002" tolerance. 

Installation is simple.  Simply remove the two action screws and separate your action from the stock.  Using a pair of pliers, remove the existing metal piece from the stock.  Then push the Elite Series Recoil Lug into the same recess.  Put your action and stock back together and tighten your action screws.  You are done! 

Note that sometimes it can take a little longer to line up your action and stock because of the tighter tolerances of our recoil lug. 

The Tikka Performance Center Elite Series Recoil Lugs for the Tikka T3 are of the finest quality you will find anywhere.

Q & A (68)

Will these recoil lugs fit a Sako A7? ( Kain, 17/09/2017 )

Hello Kain,

We do not list the lug as fitting a Sako A7, although we had a customer tell us that it fit his A7. As we have not tested the product on that rifle platform, we cannot say definitively that it will fit. You are welcome to try, though!

Thanks for the inquiry!

You say the lug is stronger then the action it's self. Will this cause the action to fail over time or failure in other places? I ask as I've just purchased 1 for my T3X 30-06 but am now thinking twice about using it. ( Rob Cantwell, 30/08/2017 )

Hi Rob,

The force imparted on the action under recoil is significantly less than the actions yield strength, therefore the force transferred to the lug is less than the yield strength of either.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

How many recoil lugs does the Tikka T3 have ( Tommy Cook , 16/08/2017 )

The Tikka T3/X rifles have one recoil lug.

Thanks for the inquiry!

Do the stainless recoil lugs work in the T3X TAC A1? ( Kyle Hendrickson, 28/07/2017 )

Hi Kyle,

We don't know as these rifles haven't been around the shop long enough to play with them.  

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

Hi, I have a T3 lite stainless in 300 wsm. Have you guys found that putting this high strength pillar in causes damage elsewhere on a magnum load rifle? Wondering if Tikka intentionally went with aluminum due to concerns over putting stress elsewhere? ( John, 18/07/2017 )

Hello John,

We have not experienced or heard of any detriment in using our recoil lug. A magnum rifle will quickly dent an aluminum lug, causing increased tolerances between action and stock, therefore degrading accuracy. I wonder why Tikka went to a steel lug on the newer T3X rifles? It is an improvement, but still will deform under magnum loads after a while, due to the steel not being as hard as ours. Get our recoil lug, and you will not have to replace or think about recoil lugs anymore! Just go shooting..

Thanks for the inquiry!

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