Tikka T3/T3x Single Shot Follower

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This Tikka T3 Magazine Single Round Insert allows you to use your existing magazine for your Tikka T-3 rifle and create an efficient single round loading device.

Works with all calibers!!!

This insert is made from durable, long lasting Delrin® to ensure a lifetime worth of use.

Yellow was chosen for safety and hi visibility when dropped in grass, dirt or snow.

Simply pop the insert into your magazine and you're all set to effortlessly single load rounds into your rifle.

It's the perfect addition for your varmint or long range shooting adventures.

Q & A (33)

Any chance one of the single shot followers will be made for the ctr? ( Matt Hollins, 02/08/2017 )

Hi Matt,

It is on our radar for the future so just keep checking in.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

Is there any chance of sending a t3 bobsled to australia ( Shane, 07/07/2017 )

Hi Shane,

Yes we can ship one to Australia for a flat $14.99 international shipping fee.

Thanks for your inquiry,

MT Team

Is there an option to purchase this item and simply have it dropped into US POST mail to send across USA/Canada border into Alberts? Seems your automatic shipping estimator literally doubles the delivered cost of this $20 item.....

Also i often buy similar items thru EBAY or Amazon.ca which offers free shipping from USA sources into Canada...
( Graydon Tranquilla , 24/06/2017 )

Hi Graydon,

We are a small family run business and we cannot eat the cost of international shipping the way a large company can. We ship all over the world and have found through experience that it makes the most cost sense for us to have a flat international shipping fee.  


MT Team

I have a new tikka t3x tac a1 and I'm looking for a sled, do you have plans to introduce a single shot sled or a mag insert for this rifle? ( Jay, 05/06/2017 )

Hello Jay,

These are made by The Original Bob Sled company, and we have not heard of any plans to introduce a sled for this rifle. When they produce one, we will definitely sell them!

Thanks for the inquiry!

I've pre-ordered the TAC A1 in 6.5 CM. Will the bobsled work in the new A1? ( CLINTON ALLEN RANDLES, 04/05/2017 )

 HI Clinton,

The Single Shot Follower will fit all Tikka T3/T3x factory magazines, and will work with all caliber cartridges but NOT the CTR, TSR 1, TRG 22 OR TAC A1 because it is a different magazine platform.  It is completely different, and will not accept the follower. 

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

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