Tikka T3/T3x Single Shot Follower

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This Tikka T3 Magazine Single Round Insert allows you to use your existing magazine for your Tikka T-3 rifle and create an efficient single round loading device.

Works with all calibers!!!

This insert is made from durable, long lasting Delrin® to ensure a lifetime worth of use.

Yellow was chosen for safety and hi visibility when dropped in grass, dirt or snow.

Simply pop the insert into your magazine and you're all set to effortlessly single load rounds into your rifle.

It's the perfect addition for your varmint or long range shooting adventures.

Q & A (36)

Hi. I recently purchased the Tikka Single shot follower for my Tikka T3x Varmint .223 and it works great. I just ordered a Tikka T3x CTR in 6.5 Creedmoor; will the T3Sled work in that rifle as well?

Thanks, Neil
( Neil Hyman, 29/01/2018 )

Hi Neil,

The Single Shot Follower will fit all Tikka T3/T3x factory magazines, and will work with all caliber cartridges but NOT the CTR because the CTR is a different magazine platform. The CTR platform utilizes a different style magazine (from the TRG22 Sako). It is completely different, and will not accept the follower.

Works with Savage Model 25 (on Bobsled website)

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

I would like to know if the single shot follower will fonction properly with a 308 and a 300 WM, with factory polymer magazines.
Are they caliber specific or I can use the same follower for both calibers?
Thank you very much
( Jo, 01/01/2018 )

Hello Jo,

The Single Shot Follower is not caliber specific, and can be used with any caliber in a factory Tikka plastic magazine.

Thanks for the inquiry!

The MT Team

I recently purchased a Tikka T3x Lite Stainless rifle for 270 WSM. It came with a cheep plastic 3-round magazine so I ordered a billet 5-round magazine.
I also purchased the BobSled. Unfortunately, it does not like my plastic magazine. It is hard to keep inserted correctly (very thin, wiggly lips on my WSM magazine) AND, when closing the bolt, it wants to shove the BobSled forward into the chamber. The rear of the mag is short and flat and doesn't look at all like the ones you have shown on this site.
I might take a Dremel and create a dip in the leading (square) edge on the top of BobSled so the bottom of the bolt won't catch it when pushed forward.
I just wanted to alert you to this issue in case you hadn't experienced it before. Do you have any alternative remedies that you can suggest?
( Alan Peck, 20/12/2017 )

Hello Alan,

We really never hear of problems with the single shot followers, but there are a few things that might help you to make things function properly. First, make sure that the follower is all the way forward in the magazine. This should keep it from moving forward with the round.  Some folks think that it fits pushed back against the mag lips. Also, if your magazine spring is letting the rear of the follower dip down, it will allow the front to rise up and then allow it to be pushed forward out of the magazine, along with the round. You can slightly and carefully adjust the spring by bending it below the follower to adjust the pressure the follower exerts on the round or single shot follower (don't bend it at the plastic follower, as this could snap off the follower!) . It's a pretty simple piece, and these are the only things that have to be done to make it function properly.

Check out the pictures and the video on the website for information. Call us if you still have problems and we can talk, or we will be glad to send you a replacement or refund your money. We find more fitment problems with the plastic Tikka Magazines than we do with the Single shot follower!

Thanks for the inquiry!

The MT Team

Any chance one of the single shot followers will be made for the ctr? ( Matt Hollins, 02/08/2017 )

Hi Matt,

It is on our radar for the future so just keep checking in.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

Is there any chance of sending a t3 bobsled to australia ( Shane, 07/07/2017 )

Hi Shane,

Yes we can ship one to Australia for a flat $14.99 international shipping fee.

Thanks for your inquiry,

MT Team

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