Tikka M595/M695 Elite Series Lug

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A replacement for the aluminum M595 and M695 Lugs.

Tikka welded the lug into that series of plastic stocks making it impossible to remove when upgrading stocks.  This is no longer a limitation.

Upgrade your older Tikka today.

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Do you guys know if this recoil lug fits in Boyds laminated stocks? If so, is it even necessary to bed one of these given its linear design? ( Chris Batley, 15/12/2017 )

Hello Chris,

I am not familiar with the design of the Boyds stocks, so am not the last word on their fitment. I would call Boyds stocks and ask them if their stocks come with a lug for Tikka T3's, and if the lug is hardened steel. If you have to remove their lug to fit ours, you will probably have to bed ours, as the lug recess will possibly be damaged by the removal of their lug. Call us for bedding instructions if you need to do this.

Thanks for the inquiry!

The MT Team

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