Tikka T3/T3x Gen2 Limbsaver Recoil Pad

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Custom Prefit Pads are easily installed after removal of existing stock pad. These recoil pads offer innovative recoil reduction technology that absorbs recoil and vibration through a unique three step process using a proprietary material NAVCOM. The superior Limbsaver recoil reduction system allows greater access to the shooting sports. May require minor fitting on some models. Mounting screws not included. Choosing the right recoil pad can prove quite difficult considering there are anumber of choices when it comes to style, size color and texture.

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what is the allen wrench size or tool needed to remove the original recoil pad so I can install the limb saver. I do not have an allen wreck that fits. I want to be accurate with the purchase . Thanks ( Lawrence Carlton, 19/05/2017 )

Hi Lawrence,

Removal/Installation: Remove factory pad with phillips screw driver and use same factory screws to install limbsaver

pad. The limbsaver holes will expand to accept the screws and will contract back down once screws are

tightened down.

MT Team

Hello there will the limesaver gen2 fit a tikka t3 hunter wooden stock im from the uk and brownells uk say they only fit synthetic stocks im struggaling to find a recoil pad that fits my .308 t3 wooden stock ( charles , 10/05/2017 )

Hello Charles,

The buttstocks of all the Tikka T3 rifles are the same dimensions, so the Limbsaver Recoil Pad should fit the Hunter model just fine. You will have to leave the glued on plastic factory spacer attached to your stock, but otherwise  it is just a replacement.

Thanks for the inquiry!

Will this pad work for the new T3x versions? I can't find any info regarding T3x on the limbsaver website.
Thank you.
( David, 08/05/2017 )

Hi David,

These are compatible on all models of factory Tikka T3/T3x stocks.

Thanks for your inquiry,

MT Team

I just got my Limbsaver for a Tikka T3 Hunter W/wood stock. I removed the existing pad with no trouble, but the small black spacer is still attached to the stock. Do I just attach the Limbsaver on top of the existing spacer? I don't want to bugger up my stock by trying to remove the existing spacer which looks like its well attached. ( Bill Prohs, 01/05/2017 )

Hello Bill,

If you have the Hunter model, you will have to leave the factory stock spacer on when you mount the new Limbsaver, as the factory spacer is glued to the stock. Just install the new Limbsaver and you are ready to go.

Thanks for the inquiry!

Will this work on a Tikka T3 Bell and carlson Medalist stock? ( mark nelson, 19/04/2017 )

Hello Mark,

I don't know the dimensions of the Bell and Carlson stock, so I can't advise you on this. I would give them a call to see which limbsaver fits their stock.

Thanks for the inquiry!

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