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Mountain Tactical is excited to offer our Gen 2 Performance Series Picatinny rails for the Tikka T3/T3x available in both 0 and 20 MOA.  The recoil lug is now machined into the rail as one integral system like our Gen 3 Elite Series Rails.

The primary advantage of the Performance Series picatinny rail system is our proprietary utilization of Tikka's Opti-Lock recess in the action.  This recoil lug absorbs the shearing forces of the mount under recoil instead of the four tiny screws included in most other mounting systems.

These rails are full, MIL-STD 1913 spec rails machined to an amazing +/- .0005" tolerance.  Machined from one piece of 6061 aluminum and MIL-STD Type 3 anodizing, these rails will give you a lifetime of service.  Type 3 anodizing creates a hardened coating with a Rockwell Hardness value between 60 and 70.  

Unlike standard Weaver style rail mounts with limited contact with the scope rings, our full picatinny rails make contact with the scope rings over the entire width of the mount.  This eliminates potential damage that can occur under heavy recoil.

The Mountain Tactical Performance Series rails for the Tikka T3/T3x are the finest aluminum Tikka T3 mounts you will find anywhere.

Q & A (387)

Does this rail come with the required screws or do you use the one that are already in the gun? ( Scott Wilson, 12/09/2017 )

Hi Scott,

Our rails come with mounting screws.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

I have Tikka T3 Forest in.308. The rifle is very accurate but kicks like a mule. The barrel is not threaded. Is there a Muzzle Break your experts on the Mountain Tactical Team can recommend that would diminish some of this recoil shock? ( Peter Clemens, 08/09/2017 )

Hello Peter,    

Obviously, a timed, threaded muzzle brake is the best solution. We have used clamp on brakes before, and while they seem ok on straighter, thicker barrels, like the Tikka Varmint model, on the lighter barreled models like the lite, hunter, etc., they can tend to "walk" down the taper of the barrel, which will interfere with the gas pressure, causing a lack of efficiency of the brake. If it were me, I would pay a gunsmith to thread and fit the brake, and have a quality installation. The Witt Machine brake looks ok, but unfortunately we have no personal experience with this product, so we can't ethically recommend it. Check them out and see the reviews, and maybe give them a call to see what you think. Hope that was of some help!

Thanks for the inquiry!

I own a Tikka T3 Forest in .308 with a Walnut Wood Stock. Where can I buy the synthetic equivalent for my rifle? ( Peter Clemens, 04/09/2017 )

Hello Peter,

You can buy a Tikka T3 Lite synthetic stock from Brownells, but hold on to your wallet! They are around 4-500 bucks. There are synthetic aftermarket stocks, but they will be at least that much. Call our office number and ask Andrea if we have any used Tikka T3 synthetic take-off stocks that she could sell. I don't work with orders or inventory, so I do not know what is available or what the price would be...........

Thanks for the inquiry!

i just bought a tikka t3x in 300wsm..i'd like to order a picattany rail of this qualityy for it ( michael j eberhart, 02/09/2017 )

Hi Michael,

This performance rail fits all models of Tikka T3/T3x.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

Using your rail on tikka t3 lite what size(height) Leupold prw rings do i need with 40mm glass? ( Voyteq, 27/08/2017 )

HI there,

We don't give ring height recommendations  because it is based on personal preference as well as your height and build.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

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