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A little over one year ago, we took our flagship rail off thissite for a redesign.  After all this time,we are happy to announce our Gen 3 Elite Series Rail.

It starts with a change in material.  Our Gen 3 Elite Picatinny Rail is made from17-4PH H900 Stainless Steel making it the strongest Picatinny rail availablefor your Tikka rifle.

17-4PH was designed for the petroleum and aerospace industry whereextreme strength and corrosion was required in harsh environments.  Once heat treated to H900, the RockwellHardness is increased to 44Rc making this stronger than titanium. 

Over 200,000 psi is required just to make this rail yield.

The patented integrated recoil lug is at the center of thedesign.  It allows for a larger contactarea with the receiver.  The larger purchase combined with the strength ofone solid block of 17-4PH stainless steel increases rigidityexponentially.  We machined a whole batch of 0 and 20 MOAs that just cameback from salt bath nitriding.  They are good to go!

Theprimary advantage of the Elite Series Picatinny Rail system is our proprietaryutilization of Tikka's recess in the action.  This integrated recoil lugabsorbs the shearing forces of the mount under recoil instead of the four tinyscrews included in most other mounting systems.

Weproudly manufacture our Elite Series Picatinny rails from hardened 17-4PHstainless steel. 

Originally,we were going to Mil Spec Parkerize the rails but the coating was to inconsistentfor the level of precision we desired to achieve. 

Aftermuch research, we chose to salt bath nitride the rails.  This is alsoknown as salt bath - nitriding.  Instead of a coating going over thesteel, this process changes the steel at the molecular level.  Thehardness achieved is unbelievable!  Once steel has been salt bath nitrided,standard machining tools cannot be used to cut it.

OurElite Series Picatinny steel rails for the Tikka T3/T3x will provide you alifetime of service, even under the harshest conditions or the heaviest recoilyou throw at them.

Theserails are full, MIL-STD 1913 spec rails machined to an amazing +/- .0005”tolerance. 

Unlikestandard Weaver style rail mounts with limited contact with the scope rings,our full Picatinny rails contact the scope rings over the entire width of themount.  This eliminates potential damage that can occur under heavy recoil.

TheMountain Tactical Elite Series rails for the Tikka T3 are the finest steelTikka T3/T3x mounts you will find anywhere.

Made in Montana, U.S.A.


Material – 17-4PH H900 Stainless Steel

Finish – Raw stainless or Salt Bath Nitride Black

Weight - 7 ounces

Q & A (26)

I need to return this rail. The holes don't line up on my Tikka. I ordered 4 new mags, a limbsaver, and the Gen 3 rail. Only the rail needs to be returned. ( Patrick, 02/05/2017 )


To make a return please contact  the shop directly at info@tikkashooters.com or 406-285-2371 M-Th 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.(MST)

We will be happy to assist you.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

Hi, what is the mounting height of this rail? Thanks ( Benjamin, 28/04/2017 )

Hi Benjamin,

Rail specs: 7 1/2" long

20MOA:  6.1 oz.   .356

0MOA:  6.4 oz.  fat end .356  center .340  thin end .295

Thanks for your inquiry,

MT Team

When do you expect to have more extended rail 20 moa gen 3 black picatiny rails. ( Clyde cabrera, 24/04/2017 )
Hi Clyde,

For all inventory inquiries please contact the shop directly at info@tikkashooters.com or 406-285-2371 M-Th 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.(MST)

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

Do the Tikka T3/T3x Gen 3 Elite Series Picatinny Rails extend past the action? ( Darrell Dickens, 02/04/2017 )

Hi Darrell,

Yes, our Elite rails are extended length and they extend over the end of the receiver to give more mounting space.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

How long is the overall rail? Also, what are the dimensions from the recoil lug to the front of the rail? I am trying to determine if I can use low mounts with the rail. In order to do so, my scope would have to extend beyond the end of the rail. ( Brett, 07/08/2015 )
Hi Brett, The rail extends .75" beyond the front of the action to accommodate larger optics. We use low rings here up to a 50mm objective unless you have an XLR Chassis in which case you will need medium rings. Thank you for your inquiry! The MT Team

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