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Hi, Jason McHann here from MOUNTAIN TACTICAL®, and we have been on a quest for a solution to the $150 CTR mags that are sold out everywhere. Let me show you what we’ve got. Alright, so there’s nothing wrong with the CTR magazine other than they’re expensive. $150 for a magazine and you’re — I mean, the availability is the biggest issue. You can use TRG 22 magazines, they’re the same price, they just have a metal base plate instead of a plastic one, and they’re difficult to find as well.

So, what’s the solution? We created an AICS compatible, bottom metal, that’s a drop-in peace for the CTR. No modifications are needed to the rifle. [00:01:00] If you have an aftermarket stock that’s inlet for a CTR, this is going to work. We put a barricade stop in the front. 

So, if you’re shooting competition or resting your rifle on the magazine, you can have feet issues. This gives you a nice support for your rifle system. We even did a nice ergonomic mag release. Most of the other AICS conversion kits on the market just have a flat bar. We wanted something that was a little more tactile, a little easier to function, and just didn’t want a sharp edge on the rifle. So, here is the most expensive AICS magazine you can buy at $80. There are also AICS clones all the way down to $35. Like I said, this one’s $80 and the most expensive one, then you can just be shooting, move forward, it releases. 

So, let’s give you an idea of how this works. [00:02:00] Alright, so let’s go over what we did here. We wanted to make sure that the magwell will really hold the mag in place. So, we have side supports on the magwell. We wanted to make sure we had a barricade stop in the front so that way, you know, if you’re shooting, you’re using a barricade, and you’re not changing the angle the magazine in the action, so you have more reliable feeding. We also doubled all the edges inside the magwell. So that way, if your mag’s dirty or cold, if you’re doing a fast mag change, you can get into that magwell as quickly as possible. We also added a ramp in the front; again, just to make those mag changes smooth and effective. 

You notice we don’t have just the standard bar with sharp edges on it for the mag release. This is a nice curve [00:03:00] to match the curvature of your finger, mag release. This is made out of austenitic stainless steel, so it’s phenomenally corrosion resistant, and it is going to stand the test of time on here. Larger trigger guard, so that way if you’re shooting with gloves, you can get in there on the trigger without any issues whatsoever. Then all of these surfaces here are filleted, they’re beveled so that way, there’s no sharp edge. So, under recoil, under a compromised shooting position, if you had your finger up against there, you’re not going to hit a sharp edge on your fingers. So, let’s go into how this functions. 

Alright, so load make ready is just like any other magazine fed rifle. I have our modified P mag. We’re locked in. I’m on target. Now, let’s say I’m empty and I’m in a competition. [00:04:00] You have a flat bottom here, so you can slide this forward. The ramps make it real easy to do a blind mag change, feed a round and I’m still on target. 

So, I know one of the first questions we’re going to get is which AICS magazines are compatible with our bottom metal. The answer is all of them are compatible with the bottom metal. The thing is, some of them you have to modify to make compatible with the Tikka action. 


So, your standard AICS mag, accurate mags, any of the metal magazines alpha mags – the feed lips are nice and narrow and they go right into the action. So, you can see this junction here. The feed lips need to actually go inside the action for proper feeding. So, pretty much all the metal mags out on the market are going to be just fine. 

For polymer mags – [00:05:00] let’s say you’re converting a 223 to AICS. This is the AICS 223 mag. See, you can’t get that mag all the way in there. So, what you need to do is you need to remove some material on the outside of the feed lips to make sure that the magazine can go all the way up into the action. Same is true with the Magpul, AICS magazines. These are phenomenal magazines. You just remove some of that material from the side of the feed lips so you can make sure that, that magazine will go all the way up. You can see it almost goes all the way up, but it just needs a little bit more material removed from the side of the feed lips right here. 

If you want a polymer mag – this is just a dropped-in fit. The MDT mags work phenomenally well. Gino over there actually designed the MDT mags around the Tikka Action. They already have narrower feed lips, so it just works right out of the box. So, if you want something that works out box [00:06:00] either the MDT or one of the metal AICS variants. If you are willing to put a little bit of work into it, the Magpul works phenomenally well. You’re just going to have to take a Dremel or a file or some sandpaper and remove some material until that mag will see all the way into the action. 

If you have any questions, as always, give us a holler, and happy shooting everybody.

Hi, Jason McHann here from MOUNTAIN TACTICAL®, a very exciting day. 40 TAC A1s hit America last week. They were shipped out to a few dealers and we got one. So, we’re going to unbox it here. I’m sorry, it’s already spoken for. I really wish I could do a shooting review. When we get our next batch in, we’ll take it out and shoot it; but let’s unbox this and give you guys a first look. Right. Drum roll. Wow!

You know, I was a little worried about this. In my opinion, Tikka doesn’t do a great job packaging their rifles and as they’re entering into more of the premium rifle price point, it’s where they’re going to have that, kind of, broken styrofoam, [00:01:00] and just stuff that didn’t make the trip from Finland very well. But this is really nice. I mean everything is in here. There’s not a whole lot of wiggle room. The first thing I notice – so you’ve got a free magazine voucher here that you can get from Beretta here. There’s already a magazine in the rifle. So, that gets you two magazines. This is this is worth a lot. I mean, each of these magazines are $150. So, that’s good. Let’s see what we’ve got here.

Okay. It seems kind of like a CTR, standard CTR bolts. Yep, we are the Teflon coating on it. That steel molded bolts _____00:01:56 on here. There’s a little plastic oversized handle [00:02:00], but it’s the same thing we’d expect with the CTR. What have we got here? This is actually a pretty heavy box. Interesting! Okay. A tool kit! We have a shroud tool. Any of you guys who have ever popped your shroud off and accidentally un-sprung your firing pin assembly, this is the tool that allows you to easily put it back together. So, very cool to include that.

This must be for the action screws. What do we have here? A couple little screws. This is a QD a quick detach sling mount. [00:03:00] So, this must go into the – just be a modular piece that you can put in the different rails or in the slots in the bore end. A couple of Allen wrenches here. 

A whole bag of extra Allen screws, so let’s see what _____00:03:24. Oh, there’s another magazine. So, you have this magazine here, we’ve got this magazine plus your voucher, so you get three magazines with this rifle which is – I mean right there the two extra mags that are above and beyond the CTR puts you ahead $300. Stock spacers, Buttstock Spacers so you can adjust your link to pull. 

What do we have here? Oh! This is a TRG 22 muzzle brake. [00:04:00] So you guys, you know how expensive the TRG accessories are. A significant value point here. I don’t know the price off the top of my head. I want to say it’s around $100 to $125 for this muzzle brake. Obviously, the muzzle is already thread, so you’re good to go out of the gate. I’m not going to undo this tape here because this rifle is spoken for. But yeah, take my word for it. We’ve got a TRG muzzle brake sitting in here. So, I’m just going to set this aside. Of course, the fun part, the rifle.

Here you go. I really wish this was the shop rifle, so we could go out and shoot it; but as you’d expect from Tikka, [00:05:00] the fit and finish is spectacular. I mean this chassis – I mean no machine marks, just crisp. Really, really impressive setup. And talking to Mikka at SHOT Show they kind of copied the Ruger Precision® Rifle where they used an AR-10 style barrel nut. So, if you wanted – not every AR-10 Forend will fit on here, but I guess a select few like the Seekins or someone who uses a standard AR-10 barrel nut there you can swap out this rail. Thread protector on the muzzle, full Picatinny Rail. 

Now, just the nature of trying to mate the rail and the action [00:06:00] in the forend, This is zero MOA, but the kind of optic you’re going to put on this is going to have enough internal adjustment that you won’t be maximizing your optic, but this is a 6.5 Creedmoor. You’ll have more than enough adjustment in the scope to shoot past 1000 yards with this. I mean really, this is Tikka’s entrance into a PRS style rifle that will be able to compete with a Ruger Precision® Rifle. I think they’ve done a stand-up job. I mean, you have your adjustability for your cheek comb. It’s nice and quick. 

40 TAC A1s

Okay, you can slide your buttpad up and down. Pull Picatinny Rail back here. So, if you wanted to run a monopod the AR-15 style grip, so you can swap this out for pretty much any AR grip on the market though. Thought, I don’t know why you would. [00:07:00] This is really, really nice and extremely tactile. They definitely put a lot of thought into what textures they put where with this grip. I mean that just feels really good, standard TRG 22 style mag release.

This comes standard with a folding stock option and there is no play there. That locks up nice and tight. Oh! And it locks open or — yeah, it locks open. So, this isn’t going to collapse on you like some of the other ones we’ve tested – the XLR, that kind of chassis that ends up folding back on if there’s no locking mechanism. So, let’s get this lock back up. And then — so Tikka put a two stage trigger on here [00:08:00] much like what you’d see in a high power AR-15. Something like a 
Geissele. So, let’s grab this bolt. 

At SHOT Show they, obviously, didn’t let us pull trigger. So, let’s — alright, that won’t clear. Let’s fold it. Nothing in the chamber. That’s nice. You can preload the trigger. Very crisp brake that Tikka is known for. That ability to preload the trigger. Wow! Yeah, I don’t — I will have to get a trigger scale on here to see exactly what this one’s adjusted to. I know that you can adjust bolt stages on this [00:09:00] according to the instructions. Another — it’s kind of like the old 75, it’s interesting.

Okay. So the rifle is on safe. You normally can’t open this. So, you have to you — you would normally — on a normal Tikka, you’d put your firing or excuse me your safety forward to be able to remove your bolts, but you can have the rifle on safe. This is something that they adopted from the SOCO line into the Tikka. I’m really glad they did this. You push this down. You don’t have to take your rifle off safe to open the bolt. That is really, really nice. I mean just — I’ve never heard of anybody having an accidental discharge with their Tikka, but at least me personally it’s always been a little unnerving [00:10:00] taking that rifle off the safe to open it and clear the chamber. So, that’s a nice feature. 

I mean really — this is — you could just take this out of the box and go shoot a PRS match. It’s going to be the end of June when our SHOT rifle shows up. So, stay tuned for a follow-up review where we actually take one of these out and shoot it. Until then, you have a really happy customer getting one of the first 40 that hit the US. 

Alright guys, happy shooting, talk to you later.

Hey, Jason McCann, MOUNTAIN TACTICAL®, excited to introduce our Gen2 Bottom Metal. We made some subtle changes based on customer feedback. Thank you for all those who give us feedback on our products so we can make them better. And so let’s dive into what we changed. 

All right. So as with most products that we upgrade, it comes from our customer feedback. So thank you very much to the customers who tested our Gen1 bottom metal and gave us the feedback on how we can make it better so we can make the Gen2. And everybody loved the functionality of the bottom metal. It’s great; works great. 

The only criticism we got was our trigger guard being a little blocky. And we actually doing quite honestly, there is quite a bit of AICS bottom metal [00:01:00] out for different rifle systems, and they all use this blocky trigger guard. So I figured that’s probably what the aftermarket wanted. So we just mimicked that particular shape. 

The feedback we got was for hunting for pistol grip stocks and that sort of thing. This was actually too wide in the rear. So what we did was we tapered this on the Gen2, so it’s narrower in the rear than it is in the front. And the other thing, the other benefit of that is it’s a more natural reach to the trigger. So, people with shorter fingers had issues getting around the rear of the trigger guard here. The woman in the shop here tested this out, and they said it was much more comfortable. 

Functionality of Tikka T3/T3x Gen2 Bottom Metal

Additionally, we rounded the entire profile here. So we have another video is actually a video was shot [00:02:00] before this one where we were testing our 3D machining, because we had the 3D machine, this contour around the whole trigger guard. And it’s going to be a really cool video. I haven’t edited it yet. I wanted to get this one out first, but it was when we were testing that part of the program. 

And so, we have a really nice smooth rounded transition around the entire trigger guard and so the blocky Gen1. So functionality is the same on both of them. This one is just simply more comfortable. 

Again, thank you to everybody who gave us feedback. Thank you for just being awesome customers. It’s pretty amazing that I get to provide fun stuff to people, and I get to work with such a fun customer base. 

All right. So we have the bottom metal bodies, machines. We’re working on the mag catches right now. [00:03:00] So as soon as we’re done mentioning the Mag catches, you’ll see these on our website. So give us about a week, week-and-a-half or so, and they will be available for order on our website. 

So thanks, everybody. Happy hunting.


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