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Tikka T3/T3x Gen3 Elite Series Stainless Steel Recoil Lug


Mountain Tactical Company is proud to announce our Gen3 Elite Series Stainless Steel Recoil lugs for your Tikka T3 and Tikka T3x rifle.

Our latest generation of recoil lugs are a significant upgrade from the second generation of lugs.  Previously, we used 316 marine grade stainless steel which had a yield strength of 89,000 psi.  This was a major improvement from the factory aluminum lug which has a yield strength of 21,000 psi or the T3x mild steel lug which has a yield strength of 36,000 psi (significantly less than the standard psi generated by modern rifle cartridges).  Now we have upgraded the stainless steel we use to 17-4PH H900 stainless steel.  The yield strength of this remarkable steel is 200,000 psi. 

That is 33% stronger than Grade 5 Titanium!

This is a similar system the Sako TRG-42 utilizes without the $3,500 price tag!

We proudly manufacture our Gen3 Elite Series Stainless Steel Recoil Lugs from 17-4PH H900 Stainless Steel for the ultimate in weather resistance and a lifetime of service. 

Installation is simple.  Simply remove the two action screws and separate your action from the stock.  Using a pair of pliers, remove the existing metal piece from the stock.  Then push the Elite Series Recoil Lug into the same recess.  Put your action and stock back together and tighten your action screws.  You are done! 

Note that sometimes it can take a little longer to line up your action and stock because of the tighter tolerances of our recoil lug. 

The Mountain Tactical Company Elite Series Recoil Lugs for the Tikka T3 are of the finest quality you will find anywhere.


Material – 17-4ph H900 Stainless Steel

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I ordered a gen 3 hardened hardened recoil lug for my tikka t3 in 270 win. How many rounds do you estimate the lug to last? I'm trying to decide whether or not to permanently bed the lug into a chassis or if I should make it removable, the deciding factor being longevity of the lug face. Thanks for your help. ( Rann, 10/06/2020 )

Hi Rann,

I checked with Jason, our owner, and he said that the lug will last longer than the rifle. !!!

Also, its a great idea to permanently bed the lug. No need to make it removable.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

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