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Tikka T3/T3x Gen2 CTR AICS Conversion Bottom Metal


After several years of customer feedback, we have upgraded this Tikka staple!

The Gen2 CTR AICS Conversion Bottom Metal incorporates a stronger magazine retention system, a captured cross pin, and added texture to the barricade stop.

The Mountain Tactical AICS Conversion Kit for the CTR has a large, beveled magazine well designed to make mag changes quick and effortless. The magazine well allows for positive engagement with the action when the mag catch is secure and releases the magazine to fall free from the rifle once the mag catch is pressed.

The ergonomic mag catch has no sharp edges that could snag on clothing or gear.

A barricade stop is machined onto the front of the magazine well creating a secure point to hold the rifle system steady without compromising the reliability of feeding the next round into the chamber.

The trigger guard is enlarged to facilitate gloved hands without compromising safety.

An additional benefit of this bottom metal is the fact that it simplifies the conversion of any Tikka rifle to accept AICS compatible magazines. Since we are utilizing an OEM factory inlet, you can purchase any aftermarket stock inlet for the CTR and this bottom metal will drop in to convert your standard T3 or T3x rifle to accept AICS magazines. No gunsmithing or special inletting required!

It is possible to modify an existing T3 or T3x stock to accept this bottom metal. A competent gunsmith can relieve the material from your stock to allow this bottom metal to be installed.

Moreover, the AICS Bottom Metal is covered under our unconditional lifetime warranty!

Magazine Compatibility:

Drop-In – All known metal AICS and AICS Clones

Need modification – Mag-Pul Pmags and AICS 223 polymer magazines (material outside the feed lips must be removed)


Mag Catch Material – Stainless Steel

Mag Catch Finish – Mill Finish

Bottom Metal Body – 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum

Bottom Metal Finish – Type III Mil-Spec Hard Anodized

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Just wondering when these will be back in stock? I’m thinking about dropping this in a GRS Bifrost chassis that’s inlet for the factory bottom metal. But I want to run AICS mags. This will work, correct? ( Rick Vela, 14/09/2020 )

Hi Rick,

As long as you are working with a Tikka T3/T3x factory inlet, either the OEM or the AICS L/A bottom metal is ok and will work. You will need to make the necessary modification as outlined in the video under the photo of the AICS L/A bottom metal on our website, if you are putting the AICS L/A on. You did not mention if you have a CTR, so I am assuming it is not.

As for when it is coming back in stock, it is best to contact the Shop for that current info.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

I have a Tikka T3 (not a CTR) in 7mm-08. Will your bottom metal work if the rifle has been pillar bedded to the OEM bottom plastic ? I realize that some material may have to be removed from the sides of the wood stock. My concern is the distance between action and bottom metal. Thank you for the help... ! ( Bruce Janke, 12/08/2020 )

Hi Bruce,

Our Tikka T3/T3x bottom metal are direct factory replacements, so they will fit exactly as the OEM parts do. Over the years, folks have gotten used to pillar bedding all their rifles, mostly because of the Remingtons, which need any added stability they can get.  The Tikkas do not need to be pillar bedded. They are stable enough.  Should you still want to do that, our bottom metal will also work. If you happened to modify in order to accommodate the pillar bedding previously, then the same thing would have to happen now.

Hope this helps!

MT Team

Hey guys just wanted to know if the factory 10rd Tikka tx3 will still work with this drop in kit. If it doesn’t I guess I could always sell the mag and damn near pay for the upgrade lol. Thankyou for your time ( Lonnie Randall, 11/08/2020 )

Hi Lonnie,

No, you need to get AICs mags to fit this. 

Hope thishelps!

MT Team

What is the weight of TIKKA T3/T3X GEN2 CTR AICS CONVERSION BOTTOM METAL?? Thanks ( Johnny , 28/07/2020 )

Hi Johnny,

Our Tikka T3/T3X GEN2 CTR AICS CONVERSION BOTTOM METAL weighs in at about 5 oz.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

i have a tikka T3X varment 6.5 creedmor with a boyd aftermarket stock. will your bottom metal fit? ( Ray Kary, 15/07/2020 )

Hi Ray,

Yes, that one will fit our bottom metal.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

I currently own a left handed Tikka T3X Stainless and would like to add a better chassis and your GEN2 CTR/AICS conversion bottom metal. I was thinking of getting a German Gun stock chassis and add your bottom metal. With this combination would there be any feeding issues or is the action on the Tikka exactly the same on a "standard" tikka t3x and a CTR tikka t3x?
Thank you for your time!
( Jacques, 08/07/2020 )

Hi Jacques,

If in saying "chassis", you are meaning, "stock", then you would need to have the stock inletted for a CTR bottom metal in order to use our CTR AICS Conversion bottom metal. From what you said, I'm not sure if you have a stock or chassis system.  Best to call in and our tech guy can help you further in answering your questions more thoroughly.

Hope this helps!

MT Team

Do the Tikka factory mags still work with this product installed? ( Tony, 18/05/2020 )

Hello Tony,

The Tikka T3/T3x Gen2 CTR AICS Conversion Bottom Metal changes your original Tikka T3/T3x mag platform over to the AICS mag platform and is designed to work with AICS and AICS clones.  

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

Will this work for a 300 win mag? ( Ozni Monarrez, 17/04/2020 )

Hello Ozni,

The Tikka T3/T3x  CTR S/A AICS conversion bottom metal is a drop in fit for a CTR only.  You may want to take a look at our Tikka T3/T3x L/A AICS conversion bottom metal for your 300 win mag.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

I have a Tikka T3X CTR chambered in 6.5M Creedmoor. I recently purchased the Gen2 CTR AICS Conversion Bottom Metal from MTC. which magazine can I purchase from MTC that will work with this new bottom metal? ( Ed Berrios, 28/03/2020 )

Hi Ed,

We only sell the S/A CTR AICS conversion bottom metal, but you can find AICS magazines from other vendors worldwide.

Thanks for reaching out to us!

MT Team

Will this product, the TIKKA T3/T3X GEN2 CTR AICS CONVERSION BOTTOM METAL, fit a Tikka T3x Lite Compact (in .243 win)? Not a 'CRT', but still t3x. Would really appreciate some info on this.

( Dan Campbell, 23/03/2020 )

Hi Dan,

Our TIKKA T3/T3X GEN2 CTR AICS CONVERSION BOTTOM METAL is designed to be a drop in fit for a CTR stock only.  

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

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