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Tikka T3/T3x Gen2 Billet Magazine - Long Action 3 Round -


After the overwhelming success of the Gen1 Billet Tikka Magazines, our team went back to the drawing board to make this Tikka staple even better.  Using feedback from our worldwide network of customers who use these mags in virtually every condition possible, we went to work implementing the changes they requested.

Based on this feedback, we are excited to introduce the Mountain Tactical Company Gen2 Billet Magazines for the Tikka T3/T3x rifle system.

These magazines are 33% lighter than their Gen1 counterparts.  They also feature smoother feeding and positive ejection.

Additionally, our team was able to create a reliable feeding geometry that allows the long action magazine to feed 30-06 based cartridges, short magnum cartridges, and belted magnums all from the same magazine.  This eliminates confusion for owners of multiple rifles.  One magazine can feed all their long action Tikka T3 or T3x rifles. 

While we were updating the features and geometry of this magazine, we also had the opportunity to update our manufacturing processes.  We passed on the cost savings of the lower machining cost with a 12.5% reduction in price compared to the Gen1 mags. 

Simply put, these are the finest Tikka T3 or Tikka T3x magazines available.

Since the Tikka T3 and T3x were released, Tikka Shooters have complained about the plastic magazines included with the rifle.  Other companies have released billet magazines, but the cost is prohibitive for most Tikka owners.

Mountain Tactical Company has created an affordable magazine for the Tikka community.


The Mountain Tactical Company Gen2 Billet Magazine bodies are cut from aerospace grade billet aluminum and hard anodized for a lifetime of service.

The magazine followers are machined from Delrin, a self-lubricating thermo-polymer typically reserved for precision applications requiring high lubricity while retaining superior solvent and chemical resistance.

One of the key components is a quality magazine spring.  Going cheap would create a magazine that would fatigue over time and fail in the field. 

We’ve chosen to have custom 17-7 PH stainless steel springs manufactured.  17-7 PH is an amazing material designed for the aerospace industry when intricate parts require low distortion over time and temperature changes.  Additionally, it has phenomenal corrosion resistance and retains its mechanical properties under substantial stress. 


Magazine Material – 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Mag Catch Finish – Mil Spec Hard Anodized

Magazine Follower - Delrin

Magazine Spring – 17-7 Stainless Steel

Magazine Weight:

-        3 Round – 2.1 ounces / 59 grams

Long Action Magazine:

-        Belted Magnum Cartridges

-        30-06 family of cartridges i.e. .270 Winchester, .280 Remington, etc.

-        Short Mag family of cartridges

-        Nosler Magnum family of cartridges

-        6.5x55se based cartridges

-        Standard – 3 rounds

-        COAL – 3.4 inches

-        Compatible with Tikka T3 and Tikka T3x platforms

-        Not Compatible with the Tac-A1 or CTR models

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Do you have any plans to make a 5 round magazine? ( Greg Tiffany, 21/07/2020 )

Hi Greg,

This has become a popular question! We are planning on manufacturing these, but they have yet to be designed, tested, etc. I can put your name on a list of people interested in these. Our owner has been hoping to have them around Christmas, but, no timing is for certain. It could well end up being in the Spring of 2021. But as they say, dream it/envision it, and it will come!  Just like that baseball movie.

Thanks for your question!

MT Team

Can I use one magazine for both 6.5 creedmoror and 308 in my T3X.I Are they long enough to hold reloads lengthened to sit .02 off the barrel lands. If so which magazine should I order? i prefer a short rather than extended mag. Thanks. Mike ( Mike Petrella, 07/07/2020 )

Hi Mike,

Assuming you are talking about our/Mountain Tactical billet mags, they will allow you to load out to 3.0 inches COAL. If 3.0 will do that for you, then our mags will work. 

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

I have both 308 and 300wsm calibres t3x’s. With these magazines would I need to change Medium action bolt stop out for long action? ( Greg Rashford, 03/07/2020 )

Hi Greg,

If you want to run long action mags, then, yes, you need to switch out to a long action bolt stop also.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

I have both 308 and 300wsm medium action t3x’s. With these mags would I need to change bolt stop to long action? ( Greg Rashford, 03/07/2020 )

Hi Greg,

Yes, if you want to run long action mags, then you will also need to change out to a long action bolt stop.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

Will the long action 3-round magazine work with 9.3X62 cartridges? ( Simon, 25/06/2020 )

Hi Simon,

Yes, the L/A mags will work with cartridges that are 9.3x62. I also hapened to find out an interesting factoid on this: While these are not that common here in North America, they are quite popular in Africa. Interesting, no?

Thanks for the inquiry!

MT Team

hi i am wondering how long are you guys out on the gen2 mags long action magnum and if you could send me an email when they come back instock
( Weston Nield, 20/06/2020 )

Hi Weston,

For all stock inquiries please contact the shop directly at as our backorder timing changes.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

TIKKA T3/T3X GEN2 BILLET MAGAZINE - LONG ACTION 3 ROUND -- can it be used for 7mm Rem Mag?
(or is it only for 30-06 based cartridges?)
( Dorin Stanciu, 14/06/2020 )

Hi Dorin,

Yes, they are compatible.

Thanks for your inquiry!

MT Team

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