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Rapid Level


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The rifle level has evolved.


No longer do you need to waste an hour of your life ensuring your precision rifle shoots level in the field just to lose everything when you bump your level taking your rifle out of the truck.  The rapid level deploys in minutes and is easily repairable in the field. 

The patent pending adjustment system simplifies the entire leveling process allowing you to spend more time shooting and less time setting up your rifle system.

Once the body is mounted close to level on the optic, the leveling arm is easily adjusted and locked into place via three locking mechanisms to ensure zero movement once level.

Unlike many optic levels on the market, the Rapid Level is made in the USA, not China.  This is not an after thought by an optic company.  The Rapid Level is a purpose-built component for the precision rifleman.


Material – 6061 Aerospace Grade Aluminum

Finish – Mil-Spec 8625F Hard Anodized

Torque - 15 in/lbs

Warranty – Lifetime

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