September 15, 2020
Posted By Jason

Hi, Jason McHann here from Mountain Tactical Company. I'm here with Mikka from Tikka. He's the product manager for rifles there. We're going over what I think is the biggest sleeper at the Beretta Booth. Everybody's focused on the TAC 21 right now, and I'm more interested in this. So, Mikka, what do we have here?

We have here the compact tactical rifle, you very well know. This year we’re introducing the 24” barrel length for this rifle to get the speed that you want. We immediately knew this when we launched this rifle that people started asking about, “Oh, can we get this in a longer barrel?” We started working and why not support our customers and bring it out. [00:01:00] So, here it is.

24 Inch CTR

Absolutely! I think this is going to accelerate your sales through the roof. I think you're going to definitely sell 2-3:1 of the 24”. It's already threaded just like the 20”.

Yeah, perfect package.

Exactly. You have 10 round magazine for those who can shoot the 10 round magazines. Communist states don't apply. I like the fact that you went to a true Picatinny Rail. When you originally released the CTR it was more of a weaver-style rail.

Yes. Correct.

We actually saw quite a few of those in defense. I think going to the full Picatinny Rail is a huge improvement for you guys, so good on you for that.

Yeah. Again, we listened to the customers. We visit the forums all the time. We are very sensitive to what people are saying. With P3x addition, we wanted to change all the rails, so now it’s available.

Well, I'm really excited because I just found out today that my shipment of these is shipping this week. [00:02:00] I can't wait to get these in the shop.

Yeah. Good to hear it.

Well, thank you again for your time and it’s a pleasure meeting you.

Thank you very much.