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The Tikka Performance Center is excited to offer our Elite Series Steel Recoil lugs for the Tikka T3.

The primary advantage of the Elite Series Recoil Lug is the additional strength of hardened 4140 steel absorbing the recoil of the rifle instead of the light-weight aluminum alloy Tikka uses.  If you remove the recoil lug from your stock, you’ll see an upside down trapezoid appear over time.  This dent eventually allows the action to move under recoil and degrades accuracy.

Our Elite Series Recoil Lug is also machined to a larger dimension, yet still fits in the factory stock.  This tighter fit results in increased rigidity between the action and the stock.  The increase in consistency of the rifle is amazing!

This is a similar system the Sako TRG-42 utilizes… without the $3,500 price tag!

We proudly manufacture our Elite Series Recoil Lugs from hardened 4140 steel.  After machining, we then Mil Spec parkerize the rails for the ultimate in weather resistance. 

Our Elite Series Steel Recoil Lugs for the Tikka T3 will provide you a lifetime of service, even under the harshest conditions or the heaviest recoil you throw at them.

These lugs are machined to an amazing +/- .002” tolerance. 

Installation is simple.  Simply remove the two action screws and separate your action from the stock.  Using a pair of pliers, remove the existing metal piece from the stock.  Then push the Elite Series Recoil Lug into the same recess.  Put your action and stock back together and tighten your action screws.  You’re done! 

Note that sometimes it can take a little longer to line up your action and stock because of the tighter tolerances of our recoil lug. 

The Tikka Performance Center Elite Series Recoil Lugs for the Tikka T3 are of the finest quality you will find anywhere.


Q & A (11)

Q: Hi Guys , I have 2 x Tikka T3 's . 1 308 super varmint stainless and a 223 Lite stainless The super varmint came with a piccy rail . Can you tell me if it would have the recoil pin on the rail and/or a steel recoil lug as stock ? Will I need to upgrade both of these rifles ? Thanks Bill ( Bill , 04/08/2014 )

A: Hello Bill, The Super Varmint and the Tactical come with a piccy rail that is pinned with two pins to the action, along with the screws. I believe the receiver has the same recoil lug hole, but the trick is getting out the factory pins. I have a customer who is doing it right now, but haven't heard back if he had any luck. The T3 Lite of couse is no problem! ( Greg, 04/08/2014 )
Q: Hi Guys, I have a Tikka T3 in 6.5 x 55 that was originally in a hunter stock, it has since been transferred to a GRS stock will the recoil lug fit this combination? Cheers Russ Lewsey ( Russ Lewsey, 18/06/2014 )

A: Hello, Russ The GRS stock comes with a steel recoil lug already bedded into the stock, so you are covered! Thanks for the inquiry! ( Greg, 19/06/2014 )
Q: Hi There, My 2 Tikkas a 270 Win & a 300WSM are very accurate. By replacing the recoil lugs it will increase the Accuracy ? Will my point of impact change ? Also have a Tikka Tactical 308. Do I need replace those recoil lugs also ? Thanks Steve ( Stefanos, 13/06/2014 )

A: Hello. What our steel recoil lugs will do is to prevent the degradation of accuracy of your rifle and keep it that way. The factory recoil lug is soft aluminum, and will dent and become deformed over time. As the dent becomes deeper, the tolerances between the action and the stock become larger, and looser tolerances reduce accuracy. Replacing your lug will keep the rifle as accurate as the day you got it! ( Greg, 13/06/2014 )
Q: Hi is the steel lug likely to rust if the gun is exposed to wet weather? ( Nik, 07/05/2014 )

A: Hello, Nik The steel recoil lug is salt bath nitride treated, which hardens the surface of the metal and makes it impervious to weather. Hope that helps! ( Greg, 09/05/2014 )
Q: Have two Tikka T3 for which I interested in the upgrading the lug. Can you forward or post pics, video, or PDF detailing installation? Thanks. ( Calvin, 07/04/2014 )

A: Before working on any firearm, be sure that the firearm is unloaded and checked prior to work being done! To install the Mountain Tactical Elite Series recoil lug, you need to remove your barreled action from the stock. This is done by removing the two bottom metal action screws from the bottom of the rifle. Grasp the barrel and the stock at the forend and pull apart. Once you have the two separated, look inside the stock. Just forward of the front action screw hole you will see the factory recoil lug. The factory lug may be very loose and actually fall out when you separate the action from the stock. Usually you can pull it out with your fingers, or just grab it with a pair of pliers and it will pull right out. After you have removed the factory lug, place our lug in the slot in the stock and press it down until it bottoms out in the slot. It is slightly larger than the factory lug, so it will be a tighter fit. You may be able to push it in with your thumb, or you may need to tap it in with a small plastic mallet or piece of wood or dowel rod. Once the lug is installed, reinstall the barrel and action by looking in the side of the rifle as you lower the action into the stock, and try to get the cutout in the receiver lined up with the recoil lug. Place the action and barrel into the stock and move it slightly forward and back until you feel the action snap over the lug. Squeeze the action down onto the lug. You can now install the action screws. If you are replacing the screws for the factory Tikka T3 stock, Tikka recommends that they are torqued to 40 to 50 inch pounds. If you are using them on a wood or laminate stock, they will not need to be torqued as highly as the plastic stock will not compress, but natural wood fibers will. Start the screws on a wood or laminate stock by torqueing to 20 to 25 inch pounds. At that point, install an unloaded magazine, and check the magazine release. If the magazine release works smoothly, tighten the screws another 2-3 inch pounds, and test the magazine release again. Keep doing that until the you reach about 35 inch pounds or the magazine release becomes harder to push. At that point, stop or back off the torque slightly and you are done. ( Greg, 08/04/2014 )

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