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Product update:  Gen II Elite Rails now available!!!  Click here

The Tikka Performance Center is excited to offer our Elite Series Steel Picatinny Rails for the Tikka T3 available in both 0 and 20 MOA.

The primary advantage of the Elite Series Picatinny Rail system is our proprietary utilization of Tikka’s recoil recess in the action.  This integrated recoil lug absorbs the shearing forces of the mount under recoil instead of the four tiny screws included in most other mounting systems.

We proudly manufacture our Elite Series picatinny rails from hardened 4140 steel. 

Originally we were going to Mil Spec parkerize the rails but the coating was to inconsistent for the level of precision we desired to acheive. 

After much research, we chose to Melonite coat the rails.  This is also known as salt bath - nitriding.  Instead of a coating going over the steel, this process changes the steel at the molecular level.  The hardness acheived is unbelievable!  Once steel has been treated with Melonite, standard machining tools can not be used to cut it.

Our Elite Series picatinny steel rails for the Tikka T3 will provide you a lifetime of service, even under the harshest conditions or the heaviest recoil you throw at them.

These rails are full, MIL-STD 1913 spec rails machined to an amazing +/- .002” tolerance. 

Unlike standard Weaver style rail mounts with limited contact with the scope rings, our full picatinny rails make contact with the scope rings over the entire width of the mount.  This eliminates potential damage that can occur under heavy recoil (see picture of a T3 Standard Rail damaged by the recoil of a .270).

Our Tikka T3 mounts come with standard 6-48 screws.  If your T3 was manufactured prior to 2004, it may require metric screws.  Please type “METRIC” in the notes and we will provide you with metric screws at no additional cost.

The Tikka Performance Center Elite Series rails for the Tikka T3 are the finest steel Tikka T3 mounts you will find anywhere.

Made in Montana, U.S.A.

Q & A (25)

Q: Do you have a date on when the receiver length Picatinny rails will be available for the Tikka T3? You had stated in a previous post that they would be available in about two weeks. That was on 22/10/14. ( Joel, 08/11/2014 )

A: Hi Joel, We had a week's delay on their production and we are working on them this weekend to finish them up. Our goal is to have them through anodizing by the end of next week. Once the machining is complete and we can test fit the rails, we will put them on the site for pre-order. That way we can ship them out immediately when they get back from anodizing. Thank you for your inquiry! Jason ( Jason, 08/11/2014 )
Q: My rifle is Tikka T3 Tactical 300wm. I am shooting between 100m and 500m. Now I am looking for a replacement pic rail to get the factory one replaced as the front end of it was lifting up by some reason. What moa rails should i get, o or 20? The scope will be SWFA 12X42. ( Colin, 08/08/2014 )

A: Hello Colin You could get by with either 0 or 20 MOA rails, as you are not shooting that far, and you have a pretty flat shooting bullet. Your internal scope adjustment should get you to 500M easily with that caliber. Your Tactical rifle factory rail will have two pins holding it on along with the screws. Some customers have had a hard time getting the factory pins out. I believe they are glued in. You may want to make sure you can remove your old rail first, before ordering a new one! ( Greg, 08/08/2014 )
Q: I am going to purchase a Tikka T3 superlite in the stainless version, .300 Win Mag. I have plans to mount a Vortex 6-24x50 scope on this gun. I would like this to be a 1000 yd gun -- and and trying to figure out what configuration of pic rail (0 moa or 20 moa) and scope mounts that would work best on my desired setup. I would like a 200 yard zero I believe. Input on which size and style pic rail, and also suggestions for rock hard mounts would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance. Cheers! ( Mike, 06/06/2014 )

A: A simple solution would be to buy the Elite Series steel pic rail in 20MOA, cause you will want the extra elevation given by that. Good rings for a decent price would be the Leupold PRW in medium for a 50mm bell. The rings are steel and have a bar of steel to fit up to the pic rail. Pretty solid! ( Greg, 09/06/2014 )
Q: I will be mounting a Nikon monarch using this rail. The scope has 40moa of internal adjustment, if I bought the rail with 20 moa of adjustment built in, would I have any problems with a 100 yard zero? I like mounting my scope as low as possible, this will be my first long range gun, which rail will sit the scope lower to the rifle, the 20 moa rail or 0 moa rail? Thanks ( Buck, 23/04/2014 )

A: I believe the Monarch (depending on power) has about 60 moa of internal adjustment. Therefore, using the 20 MOA rail, you would effectively have 10 MOA of down adjustment, but would now have 50 MOA of elevation adjustment, so you should be fine with a 100 yd zero. Both rails elevate the optic about 3/8 of an inch off the receiver. The 20 MOA of course is slightly tilted down at the front and is about .340 at that point. Hope that helps you! ( Greg, 25/04/2014 )
Q: I am looking at purchasing the Elite rail for my T3 7mm Rem Mag. And I would like to know what size scope rings do I need to purchase for a 10x42 Tactical 30mm Rifle Scope? Low, Med, or High? Thanks ( doug, 02/04/2014 )

A: You might be able to sneak by with Low rings with the 42mm bell on the scope, as the rail gives you about 3/8 inch rise off the receiver to start with. You definitely could use mediums with no problem. Hope that helps! ( Greg, 03/04/2014 )

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