Tikka T3 Performance Series Picatinny Rail


The Tikka Performance Center is excited to offer our Performance Series picatinny rails for the Tikka T3 available in both 0 and 20 MOA. The primary advantage of the Performance Series picatinny rail system is our proprietary utilization of Tikka's Opti-Lock recess in the action.  T...

$59.99 $49.99

Tikka T3 Elite Series Steel Recoil Lug

The Tikka Performance Center is excited to offer our Elite Series Steel Recoil lugs for the Tikka T3. The primary advantage of the Elite Series Recoil Lug is the additional strength of hardened 4140 steel absorbing the recoil of the rifle instead of the light-weight aluminum alloy Tikka uses....


Tikka T3 American Hunter Stock - Walnut - Custom Order


(Pictures show a laminate version.  Walnut pictures will be uploaded shortly) The American Hunter follows the lines of the classic American stocks. This design has been proven over the years to give the shooter a comfortable hold, light weight, and traditional good looks. The st...


Tikka T3 American Hunter Stock - Ready to Ship

  If your hunting takes you where you need a stock that is a little bit tougher and impervious to the weather, this is the stock for you! The American Hunter follows the lines of the classic American stocks. This design has been proven over the years to give the shooter a comfor...

$299.99 $279.99

Tikka T3 Performance Series Bolt Shroud


Mountain Tactical spent 10 months designing, testing, and improving what has become the finest Tikka T3 Bolt Shroud on the market today. The development team was tasked with creating not only a more durable bolt shroud than the plastic factory part, but to also add a level of increased p...

$59.95 $49.99

Tikka T3 Performance Kit

We are now offering our Performance Kit, which includes a Performance Bolt Shroud, a Performance Series Picatinny Rail, and a Limbsaver recoil pad for $119.00! These items are normally priced at $162.00! Sales are subject to new sales and existing inventory, and may sell out at any time. ...

$169.99 $119.99

Tikka T3 Elite Kit

Check out our Tikka T3 Elite Kit with extra goodies to make your rifle and yourself smile. The Elite kit includes an Elite Series Picatinny Rail, a Performance Series Bolt Shroud, an Elite Series Steel Recoil Lug, and a Limbsaver Recoil Pad. Retail on these babies is $265.00, but during the sale,...

$289.99 $199.00

Tikka T3 Competition/Tactical Stock-Custom order


So you have this great Tikka rifle. And you know it shoots like crazy. You think about maybe entering a tactical competition. Maybe shoot longer range shots. Long range hunting. Varmints. You think about getting a tactical style stock to replace the light slender factory stock. Did I say ugl...

$399.99 $349.99

Tikka T3 Vintage American Hunter Stock - Custom Order

Tikka rifles are of course really well made, and incredibly accurate. The one thing that they lack is the style that would equal their performance. We know that a tried and true addition to any classy rifle is a classy stock. We think that a rifle as great as a Tikka deserves to have not only acc...

$399.99 $349.99

Mountain Tactical Hat

As with all Mountain Tactical products, this hat is decidedly topshelf. No expense was spared from the Flex-Fit cap to the detailed embroidery.  Now you can express your shooting passion away from the field and range. Grab your limited edition Mountain Tactical Hat today! ...

$24.99 $19.99

Tikka T3 Elite Series Action Screws

Quit screwing around! Are you sick of buying expensive replacement bottom metal action screws for your Tikka T3, only to find that they ship you totally lame SLOTTED screws? Of course, here at Mountain Tactical, we are looking out for you and your Tikka T3 rifle!  Mountain Tactic...

$19.99 $14.99

Tikka T3 Gen II Elite Series Picatinny Rails


Mountain Tactical is proud to announce our Gen2 Elite Series Picatinny Rails. The Gen2 version of our popular picatinny rail is unique in that it has the recoil lug machined directly into the bottom of the rail! The fit is perfect, and there is no need for a separate recoil pin, as before. A...

$119.99 $99.99

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